Akron woman’s original musical debuts March 2, 4, 5 at BCHSPA

Posted February 23, 2017 at 6:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

Maybe it’s a romance.

Maybe it’s a satire.

Definitely, it’s comedy.

(Please laugh).

Musical writer, composer and director Amy Harris-Linder told The Akron Hometowner about her upcoming original musical, which will include two dinner theatres and a dessert theatre at the Birdie & Carol Harris School of Performing Arts (BCHSPA) in Akron.

The dinner theatres will be held 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 2 and Saturday, March 4 and the dinner theatre will be at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, March 5.

“It’s a fun, silly full-length musical,” Harris-Linder said. “It’s a comedy — silly but it could have actually happened. It has a surprise twist ending.”

Filled with at least 16 upbeat, fun musical songs with a plot set in the late 1940s, early 1950s in a Chicago night club.

This is the third production she’s written. The first, “A Lion’s Tale,” she collaborated on during a summer program at Ft. Robinson State Park right after she graduated from college.

“It was ‘Toy Story’ before ‘Toy Story,”” said Harris-Linder who wrote the music for it.

Last summer, she wrote a mini-musical called, The Magic Circus, with students participating in a BCHSPA summer camp. The students wrote most of the lyrics and she composed the music.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing music,” said Harris-Linder. “That part was something I’ve always done.”

“This production was born out of necessity,” said Harris-Linder, explaining she was looking for a show they could do on the school’s small basement stage as the dinner and dessert theatres are their annual fundraiser for building improvements. “We really liked last year’s show, ‘Song of Singapore.’”

“It’s so different to do something like this — writing both lyrics and words,” she said. “It started as one thing and morphed into what the show has become.”

“We laugh at rehearsal but I don’t know — it’s kind of scary,” said Harris-Linder. “You don’t know if people will enjoy it.”

“The cast thinks people will enjoy it,” she said.

(Please laugh.) would be appropriate in the script about here.

People will enjoy the dinner, which will be cooked by Chef Kevin Linder — her husband, business partner and brass player who may make a cameo appearance in the musical as well as join the musicians in performing.

The Linders’ menu is stuffed pork loin or stuffed chicken breast with twice-baked potatoes, green beans almondine, garden salad, dinner roll and dessert.

Definitely the dessert. Not sure if it will a dark chocolate forest torte or vanilla cream puff. The Linders are still experimenting.

Meal reservations for the two dinner theatres are required by March 1. Just call 568-2774.

This BCHSPA fundraiser will receive Thrivent Financial funds, too.

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