A-W fourth graders: ‘ Day at Museum’

Posted April 7, 2017 at 4:06 pm

j 4th grade Brody Knapp as Caesar Rodney.tif
j 4th graders Addison Nielsen as Laura Ingalls Wilder.tif

On March 23, the 53 Akron-Westfield fourth graders invited people to travel back in time with them — after they had created a living time line through their Biography Wax Museum project.

For the past month or so, each student has been researching the life of a famous person who has made a positive contribution to the United States.

The project encompassed such subjects as Social Studies and English Language Arts and began with each student selecting an important person from his/her state to portray.

Students then began to research this person using a variety of sources such as books from the library and the internet. Using their findings, each student wrote an organized essay about their person’s life and accomplishments and then developed a costume to wear for their performance.

The “Day at the Museum” included an in-school showing for family members and friends as well as students and some staff members.

The students did an excellent job and received many compliments for their effort, said teachers Tina Wilken and Lucas Werner.

The “Day at the Museum” project proved once again to be a fun and educational way to explore the historical importance of famous people in the United States, said Wilken.

j 4th grade Allison Palmer as Amelia Earhart resized.tif

j 4th grade Emily Small as Katharine Hepburn.tif

Just push a button and Emily Small will tell you all about Katherine Hepburn.

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