A-W tracksters bring home three firsts

Posted April 7, 2017 at 4:07 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

On March 25, the Akron-Westfield Track Team competed in the Sioux City West Coed Meet, bringing home several top placings.

Schools competing in this meet were Akron-Westfield, Bishop Heelan, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Sioux City East, Sioux City North, and Sioux City West.

Lady Westerners

First Place

Callie Henrich, Shot Put, 38 feet 5.5 inches and Discus Throw, 117 feet 4 inches.

Second Place

Kiana Appley, Long Jump, 14 feet 1 inch.

Third Place

4×100-Meter Shuttle Hurdle: Jessica Hansen, Jaden Harris, McKenna Moats and Sarah Ritz, 1:21.58

Fourth Place

Shaylee Siebens, 100-Meter Dash, 13.73 seconds.

Kailee Tucker, High Jump, 4 feet 10 inches.

Fifth Place

800 Sprint Medley: Kiana Appley, McKenna Moats, Jordan Neubrand and Brynn Van Eldik, 2:10.03.

4×100-Meter Relay: Kiana Appley, Jordan Neubrand, Shaylee Siebens, and Brynn Van Eldik, 55.26 seconds.

Sixth Place

Kaberly Coyle, Discus Throw, 87 feet 8 inches.

McKenna Moats, 400-Meter Hurdles, 1:21.31.

Brynn Van Eldik, 100-Meter Dash, 14.05 seconds.

Other Placings

Danika Tindall, 3,000-Meter Run, 14:37.50, seventh place.

800 Sprint Medley: Jessica Hansen, Callie Henrich, Melissa Meinen and Danika Tindall, 2:15.64, eighth place.

Kammi Bishop, 400-Meter Hurdles, 1:27.38, eighth place.

Jennifer Ritz, 400-Meter Dash, 1:18.96, eighth place.

Sarah Ritz, 100-Meter Hurdles, 19.66 seconds, eighth place.

Saphire Berg, 400-Meter Dash, 2:21.75, 10th place.

Shelby Klunkel, 200-Meter Dash, 48.43 seconds, 10th place.

Melissa Meinen, 1,500-Meter Run, 6:23.66, 10th place.

4×100-Meter Relay: Elisabeth Caballero, Raileigh Edwards, Jennifer Ritz and Sarah Ritz, 1:02.43, 10th place.

Jaden Harris, 100-Meter Hurdles, 20.70 seconds, 11th place.

Danika Tindall, 1,500-Meter Run, 6:43.90, 14th place.

Kailee Tucker, 100-Meter Dash, 14.71 seconds, 14th place.

Jordan Neubrand, 100-Meter Dash, 14.72 seconds, 15th place.

4×200-Meter Relay: Kammi Bishop, Elisabeth Caballero, Sarah Ritz and Kailee Tucker, disqualified.

Girls’Team Rankings

Bishop Heelan girls had the top score with 169 points. Sioux City East was second with 122 points; Sergeant Bluff- Luton, third, 77 points; Sioux City West, fourth, 71 points; Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, fifth, 70 points; Akron-Westfield, sixth, 54 points; and Sioux City North, seventh, 15 points.


First Place

Austin Allard, Long Jump, 19 feet 10.5 inches.

Ty DeRocher, 110-Meter Hurdles, 16.33 seconds.

4×110-Meter Shuttle Hurdles: Aaron Allard, Austin Allard, Leighton Blake and Ty DeRocher, 1:04.99.

Second Place

Leighton Blake, High Jump, 5 feet 10 inches.

Ty DeRocher, 400-Meter Hurdles, 1:00.98.

4×100-Meter Relay: Aaron Allard, Austin Allard, Leighton Blake and Cal Eskra, 46.82 seconds.

Fourth Place

Aaron Allard, 100-Meter Dash, 11.75 seconds.

4×200-Meter Relay: Aaron Allard, Austin Allard, Damien Ericson and Cal Eskra, 1:39.39.

Fifth Place

Leighton Blake, 100-Meter Dash, 12.00 seconds.

Sixth Place

4×100-Meter Relay: Brady Bergman, Ty DeRocher, Michael Finzen and AJ Nemesio, 50.44 seconds.

800 Sprint Medley: Cal Eskra, Michael Finzen, Nick Jacobs and AJ Nemesio, 1:51.20.

Damien Ericson, Discus Throw, 105 feet 8 inches.

Other Placings

Mason Mackey, 200-Meter Dash, 32.86 seconds, seventh place.

4×800-Meter Relay: Michael Finzen, Tyson Lamp, Schon Mack, and Jackson Newton, 10:57.38, ninth place.

Ben Liebetrau, 400-Meter Hurdles, 1:30.34, 10th place.

Levi Hemmelrick, Discus Throw, 74 feet 8.5 inches, 10th place.

Mason Mackey, 400-Meter Dash, 1:17.29, 11th place.

Conner Anderson, 100-Meter Dash, 13.05 seconds, 12th place.

Damien Ericson, Shot Put, 33 feet 5.5 inches, 12th place.

Aaron Hartman, Shot Put, 31 feet 9 inches, 13th place.

Newton Jackson, 800-Meter Run, 6:00.57, 18th place.

4×200-Meter Relay: Conner Anderson, Brady Bergman, Donovan Irizarry and AJ Nemesio, 1:50.03, no placing.

Boys’ Team Rankings

Sergeant Bluff-Luton boys had the top score with 207 points. Bishop Heelan came in second with 114.5 points; third, Sioux City East, 84 points; fourth, Akron-Westfield, 68 points; fifth, Sioux City West, 55 points; sixth, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln, 31 points; and Sioux City North, 10.5 points.

“I felt our team did well competing against schools much larger than us,” said Head Boys Coach Kent Johnson. “Some standouts were our hurdlers and our short distance relays.”

“We still need to cut time on our middle and long distance relays,” he said.

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