A-W creative writers advance to nationals

Posted May 4, 2017 at 5:00 am

Five Akron-Westfield students’ creative writings have won first place at the State General Federated Women’s Club’s Creative Writing Contest.

Now, the writings will be entered in the national competition!

In Division I, which is for Grades 1-3, Ian Milbrodt’s story entitled “Asteroid” and Adam Brown’s poem called “Pizza” won first places.

In Division II for Grades 4-6 students, a story, “Fish Island” by Ashton Eden and the poem, “Months” by Emma Rolfes won first place.

In Division III for Grades 7-9, a poem, “Don’t Matter The Color” by Yaritze Gonzalez was selected as the first place winner.

The Akron-Westfield students begin this competition by writing stories and poems for the local GFWC Friendship & Service Club’s contest, which is coordinated by retired teacher Carol Palmer of Akron.

“I am excited about their awards!” said Palmer, “and that it is a good motivator to keep writing and keep on being creative!”

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