A-W golf

Posted May 4, 2017 at 5:00 am

The Akron-Westfield golf teams faced Hinton at home April 24 and traveled to Lake Park April 28 to face Harris-Lake Park. Both were conference matches.

The girls remained undefeated by winning both matches. The boys lost both matches.


Vs. Hinton

A-W 186 Hinton 216

Ann Hedlund 43 (top scorer)

Brooke Koele 43 (top scorer)

Bailey Davis 45 (3rd)

Autumn Bundy 55 (6th)

Danika Smith 56 (8th)

Alayna Mullinix 63 (12th)

Best scorer for Hinton was Claire Kipp shooting a 52 for fourth place.

Girls Vs. H-LP

A-W 192 HLP 238

Bailey Davis 44 (top scorer)

Brooke Koele 44 (top scorer)

Ann Hedlund 49 (3rd)

Danika Smith 55 (5th)

Alayna Mullinix 59 (7th)

Best scorer for HLP was Lexi Stahly shooting a 53 for fourth place.


Vs. Hinton

A-W 184 Hinton 162

Daniel Martinsen 41 (3rd)

Max Anderson 46 (7th)

Spencer Olson 48 (8th)

Juan Sanchez 49 (9th)

Jack Anderson 50 (10th)

Jerad Black 51 (11th)

Top scorer for the match was Ross Johnson of Hinton shooting a 39.


A-W 184 HLP 169

Daniel Martinsen 43 (3rd)

Jerad Black 46 (6th)

Juan Sanchez 47 (8th)

Max Anderson 48 (9th)

Spencer Olson 48 (10th)

Jack Anderson 49 (11th)

Top scorer for the match was Adrian Martin of HLP shooting a 41.

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