Skyler Briggs is Class of 2017 salutatorian

Posted May 18, 2017 at 5:00 am


By Julie Ann Madden

“Being salutatorian doesn’t mean a whole lot,” said Senior Skyler Briggs, who will have the Class of 2017’s honor this coming Sunday. “It’s just a title. It doesn’t really matter.”

And in his case, that’s probably true in more ways than just his feelings.

With 11 classmates being valedictorian, Briggs ranks No. 12 in the class of 51 students.

As a freshman, he had a “B” grade in Physical Science, which leaves his Grade Point Average at 3.973 as his senior year ends. That’s just 0.027 of a grade point below the valedictorians’ 4.0 GPAs.

However, Briggs has enjoyed high school, especially being involved in almost everything.

The only activity he didn’t participate in much was baseball — it conflicted with his summer wrestling schedule.

“I’ve taken part in plays, sports,” said Briggs, noting his favorite part of high school has been participating in all the opportunities. “I tried to be in as much as I could — make the most of school.”

“And just being with my friends every day,” added Briggs. “Especially with Christian Wolthuizen — throwing him around the wrestling room.”

His advice to underclassmen is “to go out for everything.”

“You aren’t going to regret putting yourself out there,” said Briggs. “It does go by really fast and it’s awesome to have gotten to this point and know that I’ve made some awesome memories.”

“Studying is important,” he’d also tell those beginning their high school days, “but listening during class and trying to understand what the teachers are saying is probably the most important.”

“I didn’t study that much,” said Briggs. “If you just listen in class and it makes sense to you…really pay attention. (The teachers) know what they are talking about.”

This fall, Briggs will attend Morningside College in Sioux City. He plans to wrestle and hopefully become a high school science teacher.

“I want to be like Mr. (Kim) Meerdink,” said Briggs.

Briggs is the son of Derek Briggs and Niki Knapp of Akron. He has two younger siblings, Jader and Dexter.

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