Staff changes occur at Akron Medical Clinic

Posted June 15, 2017 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

Last week Mercy Medical Services announced a second doctor for Akron Mercy Medical Clinic and staff reductions.

Dr. Kelly Pomerenke joins Dr. Dale Nystrom and Physician’s Assistant Anne Marie Langlois as the new staff at the clinic. They join Physician’s Assistant Paul Niles.

According to Akron Hometowner sources, five staff members received termination notices.

“We are working through the process and plan,” said Mercy’s Vice-President of Network Development Brian Monsma. “We met with each individual employee. That’s all I’m going to say in discretion to the employees having that communication first.”

“Bottom line is we are assessing staff needs against practice volume,” said Monsma. “Any changes in staffing would be based on lower volume. It wouldn’t be a backfill-and-replace situation.”

As to what the final staff numbers will be, it’s not easy to project, he said. “It really does drive off the providers we have in the clinic.”

Now, Akron’s three doctors who resigned are replaced by two doctors and one physician’s assistant.

“The key priority is if we do that again, you have a staff based on the providers there we need to support,” said Monsma, “but our focus is to maintain that local employment and utilize our team resources to do that because we have a great team there. If there is less work to do, total staffing may change but our focus is on utilizing the local team.”

The five employees let go are from the local Akron-Westfield community.

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