Donkey baseball hits Alcester

Posted August 19, 2017 at 2:27 am

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By Dodie Hook

It was a great night for baseball Aug. 9 at the Alcester Ball Field. However, this was no ordinary baseball game – it was Donkey Baseball.

That’s right — donkey baseball!

After hitting the ball, you had to mount a donkey and go to the bases. Thankfully the bases were a lot closer together than on a normal field. Outfielders had to be on donkeys to make any plays. With names like Enforcer, Super Stupid, Widow Maker, Rocket Man, you can only imagine how the donkeys cooperated – some lived up to their names.

The event was a benefit for the Beresford, Alcester, Hudson, Akron, and Craig youth groups going to the National Lutheran Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas, in July of 2018.

There were four teams: Hudson, Beresford, Akron and Craig, and Alcester. Two teams played each other with the winners from each game going to the championship. All games were two-inning games. Some rules included 1) You needed to be on the donkey, 2) if you were dumped three times, you were automatically out, 3) for forced outs the rider had to be tagged, etc.

In Game No. 1, Akron and Craig faced off with Hudson winning 3-0. In the second game, Alcester faced Beresford winning 1-0.

In the Championship game, Alcester and Akron/Craig teams met. It was almost as good as a state championship game!

Alcester was up 3-0 in the second and it looked grim for Akron/Craig. Making things interesting, Akron/Craig had a rally and scored two runs but failed to get any more, ending the game at 3-2 — it was exciting!

Each rider had a sponsor and The Akron Hometowner sponsored Heidi Renken on the Alcester team. Way to make us proud, Heidi!

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