Four vie for three Care Center trustee seats

Posted October 26, 2017 at 5:00 am

By Julie Ann Madden

Akron Care Center trustees Crystal Manley and Karen Schroeder are not seeking another term on the Care Center Board.

However, incumbent Trustee Margaret Correia is. Challenging her are Angela Auchstetter, Jeff Morehead and Carrie Wilken.

Akron registered voters go to the polls from Noon to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 7 at the Akron Public Library.

Angela Auchstetter

Angela Auchstetter is seeking her first public office seat.

The Hospers native graduated from Spalding Catholic High School in 2009 and went on to Simpson College for three years, after which she transferred to the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in Cincinnati, Ohio. She completed her Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree in December 2013.

In January 2014, Auchstetter began her career as a funeral director at Mankato, Minn., Area Funeral Homes, which had five locations with six funeral homes. She worked there 14 months, completing an apprenticeship and receiving her state mortuary license.

Auchstetter returned to Iowa and began working at Carlsen Funeral Homes – Schroeder Chapel (now known as Rexwinkel – Schroeder Funeral Homes in Akron in March 2015.

She and her husband, Mitchell Carey, live in Akron. He is employed at Heyl Truck Lines and they are members of All Saints Catholic Church in Le Mars.

Auchstetter enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and is an avid Green Bay Packers football fan.

She is a member of the Akron Lions Club and is a Big Sister for the Big Sister Big Brothers Program.

“The Care Center is a wonderful and beautiful facility,” said Auchstetter. “I believe it’s a huge asset to our community here.”

“I cannot imagine the amount of work that the previous board members put into building this new facility but whatever they did, they did it right,” she said. “I would love to be a part of continuing that great work.”

“I’d like to see the facility continue functioning at the high level it currently is, and yet allow it to grow and adapt to the needs of current and future residents,” said Auchstetter. “Every time that I’ve had to personally work with the staff at the Care Center or just be on their campus it’s been a positive experience. The staff has been super helpful and this is be a chance for me to give back.”

Margaret Correia

In August 2010, Marga­ret Correia was officially appointed by the Akron City Council to fill the vacancy left by Tami Small who resigned.

At the end of that term, she was elected to continue on the Board of Trustees and is now seeking a second full-term.

Correia has served on other local govern­ing boards in the past. She was an Akron-Westfield School Board member from 1979-1989 and a member of Akron’s Economic Development Committee in the 1980s. Correia has served on the Immanuel Church Council, is a past Sunday school teacher and still sings in the church choir.

The Le Mars native gradu­ated from Le Mars Community High School in 1961 and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Iowa in Elementary Education and Spanish in 1964.

After teaching in Cedar Rapids, Urbandale and Omaha, Neb., she moved to Akron in 1974 with her first husband, Dr. Joseph Torbert. After her husband died, Correia began teaching at Akron-Westfield. She retired in 2006.

She is now married to Jack Correia. She has two children: Stephanie and Doug Hageman of Akron; and Dr. Eric and Melissa Torbert of Granger, Ind.; and three step-children; five grandchildren and eight step-grandchildren; and eight great-step-grandchildren.

Correia enjoys reading, play­ing cards, especially Bridge; and playing games and skyping on the computer.

“I was originally asked to join the trustees,” said Correia about why she is seeking a second full term. “Now it’s the only thing I can give back.”

“My main concern is our staff, which we have a good staff,” she said. “(Have a staff) treat our patients like they’re living in their own home, to talk to them, make them feel worthwhile and treat them with respect.”

“We have a good administrator, which I hope we can keep,” and Correia, “and with him I feel we are on the right track to having a successfully-run nursing home. We’d like to keep it that way.”

“This administrator greets the people every morning,” she said, “and does some of the things I feel are important as far as relationships with older people.”

“I feel we accomplished something by selling (the two apartment complexes) that were really financial burdens to the Care Center,” said Correia. “We sold them for good prices, and I think it was a good move.”

“I want things to keep going smoothly as they have been,” she said, “and hopefully we’ll keep our nursing home in very good shape.”

“You do your job (as trustee)because that’s what you do,” said Correia. “There’s not a lot of dissent on what you do — not like city council where you want to change this or change that.”

“This is just a duty you do to help your community,” she said. “Just try to help out now that we have the Care Center.”

“We worked on the Care Center,” said Correia. “We have it established. We have a good population in our Care Center and financially we’re doing fine.”

Jeff Morehead

This Akron native graduated from Akron-Westfield High School in 2001. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota in 2006, he returned full-time to his original place of employment — Heyl Truck Lines.

Morehead began working there when he was 13 years old — throwing watermelons, washing trucks and fixing pallets — and now he is Vice-President of Operations.

Morehead and his wife, Heather, have two children: Trenten, an Akron-Westfield first grader; and Macy, age 2. Heather is the A-W School Nurse. They are members of Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Morehead enjoys golfing, bowling and spending time at Lake Shetek in Minnesota.

He served on the Akron Golf Club Inc., 2011-2015, including as treasurer and vice-president. He is a past actor on the Akron Opera House stage for “The Butler Did It” and “The Butler Did It Again.”

“I enjoy being involved in growing opportunities,” said Morehead as to why he threw his hat into the Trustee’s ring. “I know there are some long-term plans (for the Care Center) with some expansion to where I feel I can probably bring a business advantage to it.”

“Of what we’ve gone through here (at Heyl’s), I’ve been through helping purchase other companies and what that takes to get all the people together,” he said. “You can’t just have one person handle everything. It takes multiple different inputs from folks to make it successful so my big thing is to bring the business side to the Care Center and what’s good for expansion and what’s maybe not.”

“I enjoy being involved in the community,” said Morehead. “Getting to know not just my age group but being involved with multiple age groups and being a team — keep the age out of it, the ‘you’re too young to know what’s going on.’ That’s not the case anymore.”

“We’ve got some pretty talented young folks in this community that I think can bring some pretty good information to the business,” he said. “It’s nice to see the youth stick around here and I hope to inspire other people to get involved in the community and have your voice heard.”

“I think you look great in the community eye involved and willing to help, volunteer your time,” said Morehead, “and it’s just rewarding to know I was involved in that and to hopefully entice others to continue to be involved that way.”

“We’ve got a few negative things going on around in this community,” he said. “Some businesses shutting down but you’ve got to support this community. That Care Center is a huge asset because at some point every single one of us is going to need something like that or hope to at least need something like that.

“To be involved with that at the ground level today is hopefully shaping it for the future for more opportunities,” said Morehead. “Outside of being a nursing home, there are other things that they can do and are talking of, and hopefully, I can be involved in to make the right decision to where they can shape it for the future and grow it to an ever bigger asset.”

“Keeping the interest and support in Akron is big,” he added.

Carrie Wilken

Akron native Carrie (Swanson) Wilken graduated with the Akron-Westfield Class of 1990.

In 1988, while in high school, Wilken began working at the Akron Care Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Wilken went on to earn an Associates Degree in Nursing from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, S.D., in 1994 and transferred from CNA to Registered Nurse at the Akron Care Center.

In 2005, she went to work at the Akron Mercy Medical Clinic, a position she continues today. In addition to being a nurse, she is a population health coach, helping patients in their transition from hospital or skilled care to going home.

Wilken and her husband, Dan, have two daughters, Emmalee, an Akron-Westfield eighth grader; and Paige, an A-W second grader. Dan is employed as a mechanic at Heyl Truck Lines, but also works on the side at home doing auto mechanic work. They are members of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Akron, and she teaches fifth grade catechism.

Wilken loves to garden, enjoys sewing and crafting. She also loves playing piano and spending time with her children and family, especially boating.

“I feel passionate about going to the Care Center Board,” said Wilken about why she is seeking a trustee seat. “No. 1, the fact that I worked there in the past; and No. 2, it’s something I feel close to my heart that I can actually contribute to — I have the healthcare knowledge to be a valuable asset on the board.”

“I love the Care Center and I loved working there,” she said. “I love the staff and the residents,”

“It’s an opportunity for me to help in the healthcare area,” said Wilken. “Other people who don’t have that background may not always understand that side of things.”

“If I did become part of the board, it would be a good round-about way of working with them and the community as well,” she said. “At the clinic I work with the staff on the transitional care side so this would be another way I can help contribute to the Care Center itself.”

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