Senior Spotlight

Posted November 2, 2017 at 5:00 am




By: Hailey Wait

Laken Joy Mullinix, daughter of Rachel Nelson and Don Mullinix, was born in Mercy Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa on September 21,1999. Laken has five siblings: Zoe, Alayna, Sam, Sophie, and Maya.

Laken participated in FFA, jazz choir, and the school play. Her favorite sport is basketball.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, being with her friends, and playing with her best friend and sister, Maya.

Her favorite movie to watch is The Wizard of Oz and her favorite play is Hamilton.

When Laken was younger, she imagined herself as a teacher or a lawyer. Her favorite childhood memory is going to California in fifth grade.

Her most memorable moment was getting on the ballot for district officer in FFA. Her most embarrassing moment is when she forgot to turn back around in one of her dance performances.

Laken’s favorite class is Government because it was interesting.

Laken is a waitress at Spink Café. Her goals after high school are to finish college and law school within six years.

What she likes most about high school are the opportunities to travel.

Laken’s advice to the underclassmen is to not slack in school, but to also not stress too much about homework.

Her favorite reason for being tardy is “My locker wouldn’t open.” Her favorite excuse for not turning her homework in on time is “What? We had homework?”

If she could relive any moment in her life it would be the National Convention for FFA in 2016.

Her biggest regret about high school is not going to Lakeside Lab.

She feels that her greatest achievement is becoming student body president and FFA president.

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