Question of the Week

Posted November 2, 2017 at 5:00 am

By: Cody Hillrichs

This week students and staff were asked “Do you prefer Cars, Trucks, or SUV’s, and why.”

Junior Nash Lininger said “Trucks” and proudly responded “George Washington didn’t fight off the British army so his future people could drive around in a car that would make his horses laugh. He would want us high and mighty like the men that signed that glorious declaration on July 4, 1776. Murica!”

A-W Junior Jacob Foley said Trucks with reasoning of “I use da furd to do BTO work.”

Brady Bergman, a senior, picked “Trucks because I like my truck because it braaaaps and rips heavy.”

Cameron Bergman, a sophomore, said, “Trucks, because they look 10-times better than SUVs or cars.”

Phillip Mendoza a junior replied “Trucks” and responded “You can do so much with trucks that you can’t with cars. You can use trucks to haul things and even when your not hauling you can find a mud hole, put her in four wheel drive and let er buck.”

Mr. Randy Kroksh, the Ag teacher, answered “Trucks because Pickup trucks are the versatile vehicles that we all need.”

Junior Scott Toben chose Trucks and explained “I can haul all of my stuff around and not worry about getting stuck on a rainy day.”

Aaron Hartman, a junior, picked trucks and answered “You can go almost anywhere and you have more of an option of Four Wheel Dive in the winter. You can also let er buck and roll coal.”

Junior Justin Mobley at A-W said Trucks because “They look cool.”

Darwin Klunder, maintenance supervisor, chose Trucks because “Cars are more economical but trucks are more useful, reliable in rough terrain and inclement weather.”

Freshman Ali Welch picked Trucks because they make her feel big and bad.

Senior Michael VanderMeulen said cars because he has no reason to own a SUV or truck.

Mrs. Deb Hedlund, a 4th grade teacher, answered, “Trucks because they look country, have a smooth ride, and you feel like you are kind of powerful.”

Sophomore Nathan Varns said “Cars, because you save money on gas.”

Rose Witt, a senior, chose SUVs with the explanation of “It has more room to hold all the cats I’m gonna have when I’m old and alone.”

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