Senior Spotlight

Posted November 2, 2017 at 5:00 am




By: Nash Lininger

Skylar John Otten was born on October 28, 1998, to Sam and Rhonda Otten. Skylar is the eldest of his two other brothers, Kainan and Ashton.

Skylar enjoyed playing football for all four years of his time in high school.

His favorite movie was the original Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. Skylar has always really enjoyed music and it has had a great impact on his life. His favorite artists include 21 Pilots, Kendrick Lamar, and Logic.

When Skylar was little, he wanted to be great at football and pictured himself as Peyton Manning.

One of Skylar’s favorite and most memorable moments was the trip he took to Tennessee.

He is currently employed at the Spink Café, which has run in his family for a few generations.

Skylar’s favorite part of high school has been being able to be a part of the football family, and if he had any advice for underclassmen, it would be “Try, because it really isn’t very difficult if you give it your best.”

If there was one moment he could relive again it would be the championship game during his sophomore year.

Skylar has no regrets and his only excuse for being tardy is car troubles.

He has been most inspired by his grandmother and his plans after high school include graduating college and becoming a sports manager.

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