A-W teacher named IBEA president

Posted November 9, 2017 at 6:00 am


The Iowa Business Education Association (IBEA) is pleased to announce that Andrew Thonstad, Business and Technology Teacher from the Akron-Westfield Community School District, has been elected President of IBEA for the 2017-2018 school year.

Thonstad is in his seventh year teaching in both the high school and middle school grade level groups at Akron-Westfield.

Thonstad was one of over 115 Iowa business educators who attended the recent Iowa Business Education Association Conference held in Des Moines on October 22 and October 23. Presenters from education, industry, and research and publishing companies provided timely information on a wide range of business education topics, including entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, personal finance, standards-based and competency-based grading, and technology. Discussions were held to facilitate sharing of methods in a variety of subjects.

This year's keynote speaker was Adam Carroll – speaker, author, and educator. His passion is educating students about money issues they will face in their future. In his keynote – "When Borrowed Money is Not Real", Mr. Carroll shared how to teach money in an environment where money is largely an illusion to kids. He has seen parents shield their children from the financial decisions that they'll soon be making on their own. The impact is a generation of young people who are ill-prepared for the financial world they are entering, a financial world where, if they want something, someone is going to sell it to them, no matter the cost.

IBEA is a statewide professional organization for business teachers that promotes business education to students, parents, and businesses within the local communities of its members. This state organization is affiliated with the National Business Education Association and the North Central Business Education Association, which provide curriculum materials, standards and benchmarks, and legislative representation for business teachers throughout the country and eight-state region.

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