Question of the Week

Posted November 16, 2017 at 3:27 pm

By: Phillip Mendoza

This week students and staff were asked “Would you rather go to Public School, Private School, or be Home Schooled, and why?”

Freshman Ali Welch decided home schooled and she said “I’d be home schooled because it takes less time and then I can do work at home”.

Tyson Lamp, a sophomore, said “Public school for sure. I myself don’t like going to school much, but I would rather be here at a public school than a private school anywhere else…or have my parents as a teacher? Forget that.”

Cody Hillrichs, a senior, responded, “Home Schooled, because then I could still be in sports, get an education, and still be able to work 10 to 12 hours an day”.

Industrial Technology teacher, Mr. Trent Ruhland, chose public. He stated that it prepares you for the real world better than other schools and it offers the most diversity.

One of the nicest seniors, Brady Bergman, stated “I like going to a public school because there is probably not as many rules as a private school and home school would be lonely.”

Raleigh Edwards, said public because she likes to wear what she wants and be comfortable in school. She stated that if you were Home Schooled you wouldn’t learn social skills and wouldn’t have as many friends as you could with public school.

Mr. Mike Allner said, “Public school. Not as much diversity in private schools. Home schooled students miss out with meeting other kids and learning to get along.”

Senior Ean Beavers, said, “Public because there are more people like me.”

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