Senior Spotlight

Posted November 16, 2017 at 3:28 pm




By: Carl Griffin

Ean Beavers was born June 29, 1999. His parent’s names are Joby and Michele Beavers. He has three older siblings and one younger one. Their names are: Ryenn, Allie, Jacob, and Blake.

His nickname at school is Beves. His favorite saying is “shook shook nasty.” He always says it with a lisp as well. His favorite musicians are: Kid Kudi, Eminem, and Alex Aiono. His favorite movies are either of the Kingsman movies.

His most memorable moment was when he first rode his longboard; his most embarrassing moment is when he stood up and asked the whole high school female student body to homecoming.

Ean has participated in the play this year, speech, and choir. After school he likes to skateboard and game. His favorite sport is the X-Games.

When he’s not doing those activities, he’s usually working at Pizza Ranch.

As a kid, Ean dreamed that he would become somebody who plays sports.

Ean likes high school because it lets him hang out with people.

His favorite class is sociology because he got to learn about multiple personality disorder.

After school he would like to become a welder and live a good life.

His advice is to not take more than two of Mr. Kent Johnson’s classes in one semester; his biggest regret is kind of ironic and that’s because he regrets taking two Mr. Johnson classes at the same time.

His favorite excuse for not turning in homework is “What homework?”

He said that if he could relive one moment in his life he would relive the first time he hung out with Travian.

Ean’s dad inspires him a lot because his dad gave him his sense of morals, and he also aspires to be like his father.

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