Westfield incumbents keep their seats

Posted November 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Of the 101 Westfield registered voters, 41 casts votes in the 2017 City Election on Nov. 7.

That’s 41 percent of registered voters — the highest turnout in several years.

Shortly before Election Day, a nearly full slate write-in campaign began challenging incumbents’ whose names were on the ballot plus the vacancy to be filled by write-in votes.

The write-in campaign failed except for write-in candidate Chad Carlson who was the third top vote-getter in the regular council ballot section.

Here are the unofficial election results:

Mayoral Seat – Two-Year Term

*Michael Tadlock 28

Michael Bohlke 12

Council Seats – Four-Year Term

*James Feauto 34

*Jenny Hartman-Mendoza 29

Chad Carlson 13

John Dennison 12

Jason Derochie 9

Michael Bohlke 1

Marcia Dewey 1

Dustin Taylor 1

Nate Willms 1

Council Seat Vacancy – Four-Year Term

*Lisbeth Terpstra 33

John Dennison 2

Note: Terpstra had been council-appointed to fill the vacancy when Michael Bohlke resigned shortly after being elected to a council seat in 2016. Therefore, this council seat was required to be placed on this election ballot.

* Denotes incumbents

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