A ‘plaza’ in Akron?

Posted November 22, 2017 at 9:02 pm

Should the old Care Center’s name be changed as part of the revitalization of the building?

Two of the three businesses’ owners think so.

Twin Flames Massage & Wellness Centre co-owner Tambrey Groves presented the idea to Akron councilors at their Nov. 14 meeting as she reported on “Plant Your Flag” results for this building.

She presented the idea of changing the building’s name from “the old Care Center building” to South Street Plaza.

Groves and Mindy’s Designs LLC owner Mindy Smykle would also like to see the second floor of the building opened to other businesses and feel the name change would encourage this as well as draw customers to the site.

The councilors’ and mayor’s consensus was that was a good idea.

Groves requested the name change be put on the council’s Nov. 28 meeting agenda.

Editor’s Note: Expressive Arts Studio & Gallery owner Vivian Miller was unable to meet with Groves and Smykle but is in favor of the idea, too.

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