Christmas Spirit arrives in Akron

Posted December 7, 2017 at 6:00 am

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On the evening of Nov. 29, Akron was filled with the wonder of children seeing Santa & Mrs. Claus, the excitement of Christmas happenings, and the sounds of a community ushering in the holiday season.

It was the Akron Area Chamber of Commerce’s third annual Hometown Christmas, which is an evening of strolling Reed Street in Akron’s downtown business district. Children of all ages can make crafts, do activities, enjoy refreshments, see Santa & Mrs. Claus and shop at several stores. Business store fronts have window displays from simple lighted Christmas decorations to live displays such as the Legionnaires’ wartime Christmas campsite and the Girl Scouts decorating a Christmas tree.

The evening began with the arrival of Santa & Mrs. Claus on a firetruck, followed by Santa officially lighting a Christmas tree outside the Legion Hall. When the evening concluded, 165 children with 123 adults had visited with Santa & Mrs. Claus at the Akron library. Most popular gifts requested were puppies and anything Paw Patrol®. One child wanted a blue cake, another a night stand with a lamp and another wanted shoes. One child wanted “everyone to be happy and get what they wanted for Christmas.” One teenager asked for “World Peace.”

The post office was filled to the point — there were just as many lined up outside on the sidewalk to hear the Akron Care Center Bell Ringers perform as inside the lobby. Many also stopped to listen to the Akron-Westfield High School Choir members sing at Chubs Country Store, too.

Refreshments included candy canes at Maynard’s Foods, Christmas goodies and hot cider at Brad Fowler’s State Farm Office, Hot Chocolate at Dirks Hardware, Gingerbread Cookies at Broken Kettle Wine Cellars and Puppy Chow from Sandy, the Newshound at The Akron Hometowner.

Children made a “nature ornament” manger with Baby Jesus at New Horizons United Church of Christ, took photos and decorated a frame at ClicknPick, made a —– at Broken Kettle Wine Cellars, received a Hot Cocoa Kit at Akron Jo’s Cafe and had their face painted at The Akron Hometowner.

People could shop at Thorson Drug, Akron Gold & Silver, Dirks Hardware, Broken Kettle Wine Cellars, ClicknPick, Maynard’s Foods and The Akron Hometowner, which had a display of Expressive Arts Studio & Blue Door Gallery art pieces in addition to newspaper subscriptions.

Many told The Akron Hometowner they had so much fun during the three-hour event and wished town would be filled with people like that every evening. The visiting along Reed Street was just as much fun as the activities.

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