Police request arrest warrant or burglary suspect

Posted December 5, 2017 at 6:57 pm

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The person suspected of committing three burglaries on the Friday afternoon of Nov. 24 in Akron has been identified as 37-year-old Joshua James Schultz of Sioux City.

According to Akron Police Chief William Young, Schultz is accused of entering Akron, driving a black 2010 Toyota Corolla that he had stolen from his mother. He parked this vehicle in an Akron residence’s garage in the 200 block of North Seventh Street. Schultz was seen by a witness escaping from the garage by climbing out a window. The Corolla was recovered along with Schultz’ identification and some drug paraphernalia.

It’s believed Schultz then ran to another residence in the 700 block of Haskell Street, broke into this residence through a basement window, then raided the refrigerator, drank alcohol and changed clothes. A digital camera, jewelry, a key fob for the victim’s vehicle and some items of clothing were stolen from this residence. However, he escaped from this residence as police and deputies were arriving on the scene, reported Young.

Next, authorities believe Schultz ran to a third residence. This time in the 300 block of North Seventh Street where he opened the garage and stole a white 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with Iowa license plate 813ZNP. This car was last seen at the intersection of Reed Street and Iowa Highway 12 where it turned south, possibly en route back to Sioux City, said Young Monday morning. This get-away car has not been found as of Noon, Dec. 4.

“On Sept. 7, 1876, Jesse James and his gang rode into what they assumed was the defenseless little town of Northfield, Minn.,” Young told The Akron Hometowner. “When they attempted to rob the First National Bank in Northfield, the gang found out pretty fast that they had bitten off more than they could chew. The people of Northfield were not going to allow their bank to be robbed that day. The end result was that a group of citizens, working together as a cohesive unit, nearly wiped out the entire gang.”

“The suspect in these burglaries is about to learn that same lesson from the people of Akron, Iowa,” said Young. “We don’t have people on rooftops with rifles but what we do have is neighbors helping neighbors — citizens providing very valuable and specific information to the police department and a determination that a career criminal is not just going to ride into our town and stab us in the back.”

“Mr. Schultz is going to be brought to justice,” added Young. “We have received outstanding support from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office and the Sioux City Police Department.”

“We have collected DNA evidence from two of the crime scenes and we have specific information about Mr. Schultz’s possible locations,” he said. “We will work tirelessly until he is in custody.”

Once arrested, Schultz will be charged with Class D felony Burglary in the Third Degree and simple misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

If anyone sees the white 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with Iowa license plate 813ZNP, they are encouraged to call their local law enforcement. In Plymouth County, call the Law Enforcement Center’s dispatchers at 712-546-8191. Or call Young at 712-552-7016.

Young encourages all residents to lock their vehicles and buildings, including their homes.

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