Question of the Week

Posted December 21, 2017 at 6:00 am

By: Michael


Students and staff were asked, “What franchise or store would they like to see in Akron and why?”

The first response came from Phillip Mendoza who said, “QDOBA or La Juanita’s because Akron could use some more different cultural meals.”

Mrs. Colleen Westergard replied back with “I want Pizza Ranch back!” which I think is something we can all agree on.

The response from Leighton Blake was “I personally would not like a franchise here because it would not be getting or grabbing peoples attention to come to Akron, so I would like a sit down and eat restaurant that is not anywhere else and has some of the best food. It will attract many people so it would be bringing good money in and get new people coming into our area.”

Katie Miller responded “A coffee shop with local artists paintings, because what’s better then coffee and a quiet place to study? Local paintings because we need to have more of our community represent each other.”

Jillian Hyer said “McDonalds because I feel like it would get A LOT of business as people here wouldn’t have to drive 20 miles to have a Big Mac.”

Another response came from Quentin Hoffer who said “Sports clips. I don’t want to drive a half hour to get a stylish cut in comfort. How about driving two minutes to have that?”

Ean Beavers responded, “Zummies, because that would bring people into town, and I wouldn’t have to go as far to get a new skateboard or new bearings.”

Rose Witt replied, “Hu Hot, because they have great food.”

Shilo Steen replied with “A mall with everything in it so I would have a place to hang out with friends.”

Mr. Mike Allner said, “Nothing because the competition of something like Wal-Mart would close down most businesses.”

Mrs. Debra Bursell said, “Wal-Mart, because I shop there every week, and it has everything I need. Although it may hurt local businesses it would also bring jobs.”

Jader Briggs responded with “Pawn Stars, I’d be on the show with fake things all the time to see if they’d catch it.”

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