Senior Spotlight

Posted December 21, 2017 at 6:00 am

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By: Nash Lininger

Max Daniel Anderson was born to Pam and Kevin Anderson on October 14, 1999. Max “enjoys” the company of his three brothers Charlie, Jack, and Campbell.

He has participated in several activities during his high school career. His favorite of these activities have been individual and group speech, football, and golf. His favorite sport out of these however was golf.

When Max isn’t participating in these activities he likes relaxing and playing video-games, watching T.V., and “Playing sports like, for fun.”

When asked what his favorite movie is he sat back and thought extremely hard for a good minute or two because he had no idea which one could possibly be his favorite. After the short thinking period, he was positive that his favorite standalone movie is Coach Carter.

When it comes to music though, he stated that Journey and Maroon 5 were definitely his favorite bands.

Of Max’s favorite childhood memories, he is fondest of his trip to Florida and how badly he wanted to be a professional baseball player.

The most memorable trip he has ever had was his most recent one to Hawaii where he got to cage dive with sharks.

Max’s favorite part about high school is partly that he is almost done, but mostly the extra activities that he gets to do.

His advice for the underclassmen comes from the book “Fish.” Rule #1: Choose Your Attitude.

Max is most inspired by his Mom.

His goals after high school are to graduate from college and become an accountant.

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