Business Spotlight: ClicknPick, a one-stop photography shop

Posted January 2, 2018 at 9:29 pm

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Their business idea is totally different from typical photography studios.

At ClicknPick, the customer buys “studio time” to use the professional cameras, props and backgrounds supplied by ClicknPick owners Randy and Char Frerichs of Akron.

The customer controls the camera and takes as many photos as he or she can in that studio time. Char can take the photos if customers want.

Another difference is the customer owns the rights to all the photographic images, and ClicknPick doesn’t charge extra for the rights.

Then customers choose what photos they want and whether to print them at ClicknPick or just take the compact disc of all their photographs.

“It’s all the customers’ choice,” said Char, noting there are no sitting fees or group fees –only studio time fees.

It’s best to reserve studio time but “walk-ins” are welcome, too — as long as they don’t mind waiting if someone is using the studio, said Char.

With passport photos, there is no extra charge if the initial photo is not approved.

Their concept has evolved since they opened the photography studio at 140 Reed St. in May 2016.

“It started as a do-it-yourself digital green screen studio — the concept is brand new,” said Char. “We thought it would be new, different and fun for everyone.”

“The longer we were open, the more our customers expressed how they would like the option of having us take their photos instead,” she said. “So ClicknPick has grown from do-it-yourself to now we take photos for them.”

“It’s still open for anybody who wants to take their own but 99.9 percent will have me do their photos,” said Char, adding ClicknPick now also includes “on location” photography.

In addition to Char doing the photography, local photographer Kaylene Hawkins, who has much experience with photography of large groups and outdoor scenery, will now go “on location” to take people’s photos.

This may mean people may find the business closed when one or both are taking “on-location” photos, said Char.

“I believe in a new business, we have to be willing to evolve with our community as time changes or we will die,” said Char. “We are willing to do that.”

It’s expansion of their concept to meet customers’ choices, she said, noting customers can be photographers who are launching their own business but don’t want up-front business overhead expenses, including props backdrop and lighting equipment.

“They can rent our studio and bring in their own clients,” said Char.

In addition to using the studio, anyone can bring a photograph or image on a disc and use ClicknPick’s Instant Print kiosk or order specialty print items such as photo mugs and calendars.

People can also scan old photographs or have Char scan them.

ClicknPick also offers custom framing and matting. Some frames are irregular as Char refurbishes old frames.

Sometimes there are also craft items for sale.

“We like what we do,” said Char. “We feel like we are truly putting our customers first when it comes to photography. It’s what they like that’s important.”

ClicknPick is open Mondays – Thursdays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Fridays, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sundays by appointment.

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