Akron Chamber announces Holiday Receipt Rebate winners

Posted January 4, 2018 at 3:27 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

For 30 days those shopping at Akron Area Chamber of Commerce members’ businesses had a chance to get their money back (a minimum of $5 up to $250).

From Nov. 29 through Dec. 28, shoppers could place their sales receipts in Chamber members’ Holiday Receipt Rebate boxes. Then on Dec. 29 Chamber members drew shoppers’ receipts until they were able to give $2,500 in Chamber Bucks back.

“It’s our appreciation of people choosing to shop in Akron,” said Akron Area Chamber of Commerce President Rodney Anderson.

The lucky 62 shoppers and the amounts they received are listed here. If possible, winners were notified by phone on Dec. 29.

To claim your Chamber Bucks winnings, stop by Security National Bank on or after Thursday, Jan. 4.

Don Allaway, Akron $40

Ashley Arens, Akron $30

Lynette Altena, Doon $15

Denise Beitelspacher,

Akron $10

Lisa Benson, Akron $30

Julie Breitbarth, Akron $30

Kayla Bruget, Akron $10

Emily Colt, Akron $110

Edie Coon, Akron $40

Tamara Decker, Akron $5

Rachel Easton, Westfield $40

Kathy Eden, Akron $10

Kerri Edwards, Akron $25

Pat Eskra, Akron $10

Barb Foley, Akron $5

Amy Frankl, Akron $120

Amber Gray, Chatsworth $40

Carrie Griffen, Akron $20

Russ Hauser, Akron $5

Kay Henrich, Akron $30

Don Heyl, Alcester, SD $190

Lori James, Akron $20

Rhonda Johnson,

Akron, SD $100

Wanda Johnson, Akron $50

Don Kass, Remsen $15

Hank Krause, Akron $20

May Lewison, Akron $50

Maurieva Lykken,

Alcester, SD $210

Shandra Maier, Akron $10

Greg Martini,

Cincinnati, Ohio $235

Jenny Mendoza, Westfield $15

Angela Miller, Akron $30

Heather Morehead, Akron $5

Kathleen Noll, Akron $155

Larry Noll, Akron $55

Dorothy Olson, Akron $15

Nancy Oltrogge, Akron $50

Sandra Osterbuhr, Akron $35

Becky Patton, Akron $10

Chris Pickell, Akron $35

Brooke Rolfes, Akron $10

Connie Satter, Akron $10

Ryan Schuknecht, Akron $40

Ron Schroeder, Akron $90

Tiffany Small-Brandt,

Akron $10

Corey Steen, Akron $30

Autumn Stowe, Akron $5

Nicole Taylor, Akron $25

Nancy Tindall, Le Mars $30

Alyce Toben, Westfield $45

Tyler Van Driel, Akron $20

Amy Walkingstick, Akron $30

Bob Walrod, Akron $30

Derrick Wangerin,

Akron, S.D. $45

Karen Wardrip, Westfield $10

Macrina Waterbury, Akron $10

Sam Waterbury, Akron $25

Randy Weisser, Alcester, SD $25

Amy Wilken, Akron, SD $45

Dennis Wilken, Akron $25

Casey Winquist,

Alcester, SD $10

Valerie Zorr, Akron $10

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