Question of the Week

Posted January 13, 2018 at 10:52 pm

By: Phill Mendoza

Students and staff were asked, “What was the best part of your break and why?”

A-W Study Hall Teacher, Mrs. Laurie Liebetrau, was first to Comment with, “taking naps… what about taking a nap is not the BEST.”

Brady Bergman, a senior, stated, “Chilling at home with no priorities because I had nothing to worry about and I love watching Netflix.”

Justin Mobley decided that the best part of his break was when he got Kevin Hart tickets for Christmas.

Jackson Newton, responded that fishing was the best part of his break.

Senior Rose Witt decided, “The best part of break was actually being able to get some sleep for once because I’m exhausted.”

Mrs. Deb Bursell declared, “Hanging out with my kids and grandkids – because it’s what makes me the happiest! Love them!!”

Elementary teacher, Mrs. Lisa Wolthuizen, said, “Seeing my family because we do not all live around here and they all came home.”

Chase Stowe, a junior, stated, “Getting to go hunting every morning and also getting to see family I have not seen in a long time.”

Mrs. Julie Bundy, a teacher replied, “Not having to set an alarm. It was nice to wake up when I pleased.”

Mr. Mike Allner, At-Risk Coordinator, chose January 2nd as his favorite because it’s all back to normal.

Senior Ian Ortiz declared that he liked sleeping in until 10 A.M. and being able to stay up until 3 A.M.

Ms. Jill Hoppe, English teacher, said her favorite part of her break was she got to nap whenever she wanted to take a nap.

Raileigh Edwards responded, “Not having to wake up early for school because I like to sleep in until 11.”

Nola Schierling sent a message saying, “The best part was the sleep, because it’s SLEEP!”

Jillian Hyer, a junior, said, “The best part was Christmas break itself because of Christmas.”

Shaylee Siebens, a junior, said, “Spending time with family and friends. My family is spread all over so getting to see them this break was really nice.”

Brandon Tentinger, a junior, commented, “being able to go ice fishing with my friends and family.”

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