5th Graders Learn Yoga

Posted January 18, 2018 at 8:22 pm

Mrs. Sturgeon’s 5th grade class recently spent on of their PE periods learning yoga from Mrs. Sturgeon’s daughter, Tasha Bourassa.

Tasha is a student at Iowa State University studying elementary education. Last summer, she decided to go through yoga teacher training at Be Yoga in Sioux City, Iowa. Tasha completed the month long course and got a job teaching yoga classes on campus at ISU.

“I asked her if she would be willing to teach a yoga class to our fifth graders during PE class. I thought of all the benefits that these students could get from yoga and besides the physical benefits of flexibility, muscle building and balance, relaxation seemed like something they could use now and throughout their lifetime.” Mrs. Sturgeon said.

Turns out, the students loved the yoga class, and Mrs. Sturgeon was pleasantly surprised at how seriously they took the class.

“Tasha also talked to them about how yoga helps athletes and that sometimes ISU athletes come to her classes to work on flexibility and balance.”

One thing Tasha also works on in her yoga classes is being aware of your breathing. This helps to calm your mind and your body, which is very useful in the classroom too. “My students asked if Tasha could come back to teach them yoga again. We came up with a better plan, since she lives in Ames, she is going to send us a new yoga pose every week through video, and I can have the students try it for a few minutes each week.”

It was a good opportunity for these students that they might not have gotten in a regular PE class.

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