At the Capitol Start of Session by Rnady Feenstra

Posted January 19, 2018 at 5:47 pm

The gavel dropped at 10:00 am Monday morning, January 8th and the 2018 legislative session is now underway. On Tuesday, January 9, Governor Reynolds, Iowa’s 43rd governor and first female state governor, gave the Condition of the State address to the citizens of Iowa.

The governor laid out several top policy plans that she wants passed this year. They include:

Comprehensive tax reform that emulates the Federal plan.

Water quality policy that creates clean water in our lakes and rivers.

Expanding College Savings to K-12 education.

Create alternatives for opioid addictions, mental health issues and Medicaid problems.

Continue to develop broadband expansion for rural Iowa.

Passionately work toward creating more technology and science programs in schools.

Spend only 99% of what the State takes in from revenues.


This session I will be chair of Ways and Means. This is the tax and fee committee for government. Since being involved in government, one of my passions has been to reform Iowa’s tax system. Iowa’s system is the most complicated in the nation. I truly look forward to finally having the opportunity to pass a tax reform bill this session. I am also on Commerce, State Government and the Rules Committee. I look forward to creating good policies in these committees.

My Goals for the Session

The new Federal Tax Reform bill has created a lot of tax challenges, and opportunities, for Iowa’s income tax system. I am working with the Department of Revenue to understand the Federal tax bill and create Iowa policy that benefits all Iowans.

I am working to create sustainable funding for education; this includes both community colleges and K-12 education. The State has complicated funding formulas that need to be simplified.

Develop sales tax fairness by creating policy requiring internet companies to pay their fair share of tax.

Work at eliminating many of Iowa’s tax credits and disperse this money to each business and tax payer through lower taxes rates.

Develop a deregulation bill concerning tax regulations.

Being a Senator for Northwest Iowa

I want to thank-you for allowing me to be your representative in the Iowa Senate. I take this very seriously and try to represent our area’s ideals and virtues in Des Moines. I see all of you as my bosses. I need to hear your thoughts and concerns. Although we may not always agree, I do my best to create and pass policy that helps and promotes Northwest Iowa.

I do get frustrated, and I am sure many of you also do, when policy does not get passed that we are passionate about. I have to remind myself that 150 legislators and a governor all have a voice and a vote on what gets passed. This is not a dictatorial form of government. We are blessed to live in Iowa and the United States! Never forget this freedom we have to voice our thoughts without the fear of government punishment. Let’s make this a great year! To God be the Glory!

A list of forums will be coming out on next week’s newsletter.

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As your State Senator, I am your voice in Des Moines and encourage your input. Please feel free to contact me at If you would like to read my comments on a daily basis, you may visit my website at

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