From Iowa Legislator Rep. Chuck Holz

Posted January 19, 2018 at 5:48 pm

As we begin the second year of the 87th General Assembly, I want to thank the people in Plymouth and Woodbury Counties (District 5) for giving me the opportunity to represent them at the State House in Des Moines. It is an honor to be able to be the voice of all the people I represent. I appreciate this continued opportunity and I will do my best to represent you on the important issues that face the State of Iowa.

One of the most important parts of this week as we began our Session was Governor Kim Reynolds’ first delivery of her “Condition of the State” Address on Tuesday morning. She said that the condition of our state is strong. Iowa is ranked the 3rd best managed state in America, and the number one state for middle class families. Additionally, our Graduation rate is the highest in the nation and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest. In 2017, Governor Reynolds was proud to work with the legislature to move our state forward. She highlighted several areas we accomplished together.

Governor Reynolds stated that moving forwards this Session we will work on several areas to help with the success and opportunities for Iowa and its Citizens in both rural and urban areas:

• She announced a new initiative that focuses on rural Iowa which she has asked Lieutenant Governor Gregg to lead.

• She believes that managed care for Iowa is the right decision, but it is very clear that mistakes were made in how it was done which affected our Citizens. We need to make correction to the Medicaid System which is something she thinks about and works on daily because it is so important to all the people concerned.

• She believes that we must continue to work on Mental Health Care and plans to work with Des Moines University to resolve some issues. She has included money is her budget for this innovative program. She is also asking the Legislature to remove the cap on Sub-acute beds for Mental Health.

• Additionally, Governor Reynolds said that nothing was more important to her that investing in our children. Education is a priority to me and I am proposing $54 million in the 2019 budget. Also, my tax reform plan will expand 529 plans to include K-12 education.


Justice System

On Wednesday we heard Chief Justice Mark Cady present the Condition of the Iowa Justice Department.

• He descried the Juvenile Court System and how the Divisional Courts are working for Children. One of

the most successful programs is “To Good to Lose” in Des Moines which he would like to share with

other Juvenile Courts throughout the state.

• He also shared that 47 Specialty Courts throughout the state save money for the system.

• Additionally, he believes that there is a need to invest in technology to keep Court systems safe and



The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship reminded Farmers of the January 15 deadline to sign up for an innovative new program providing a $5 per acre premium reduction on their crop insurance in 2018 for farmers who planted cover crops this past fall.

Farmers and landowners can sign up online to certify eligible land for the program at Cover crop acres currently enrolled in state and/or federal programs are not eligible for this program.

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