Question of the Week

Posted January 25, 2018 at 6:00 am

By: Brooklyn Gravenish

Students and staff were asked, “What is your favorite winter activity and why?”

Mike Allner said, “Riding my motorcycle on the few warm days there are, its cold but not freezing.”

Rose Witt added, “Staying inside and sleeping in a huge pile of blankets so I don’t freeze.”

Quentin Hoffer reported, “Driftin’ with the boys! Because Jeeps, snow, very little traction, and the buddies mix very well together!”

Mrs. Micki Paulsen responded, “Reading a book or watching a movie by the fireplace—cozy feeling.”

Mr. Mike Baker said, “Watching basketball or playing with my granddaughters!”

Alayna Mullinix said, “Staying at home and watching Netflix.”

Phill Mendoza said, “Ice fishing and sledding. I get to be outdoors. Sledding is fun and ice fishing is relaxing.”

Runggun Joemplang said, “Staying home because it’s cold outside.”

Mr. Eric Walkingstick shared, “Sledding is the best because you can go fast.”

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