8th Grade LA Class Teaches Tolerance A-W

Posted January 25, 2018 at 6:00 am


By: Chloee Colt, Megan Meinen, and David Weimann

The 8th grade language arts class did a project over stereotypes and how people label others based on how they look or dress. On January 19th, the 8th graders had a Tolerance Day to teach people how to be able to accept other people and have an open mind with respect.

The eighth graders were divided up into small groups and each group had a different project on how to educate other students about tolerance. Some roles of the groups were putting quotes on peoples’ cars. Another one was table-tents for the lunchroom. One group made banners and put tolerance quotes on them to hang above the lockers. The elementary students were also treated to a performance about tolerance by a small group of eighth graders. Each and every one of these group members worked together to teach others how to be tolerant of one another and how to respect people.

“It will affect others in a positive way because not everyone is the same,” said Sydney Parks, eighth grader at Akron-Westfield. Leila Croy, eighth grader at Akron-Westfield, commented, “It’s a great experience, and it’s a great idea to teach others about being tolerant.”

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