Hook named ‘Master Editor-Publisher’

Posted February 8, 2018 at 10:07 pm

j Dodie getting award.tif

The Akron Hometowner publisher received one of the most prestigious awards given to Iowa newspaper professionals Friday evening at the Iowa Newspaper Foundation’s Awards Banquet in Des Moines.

Dodie Hook, founder and owner of The Akron Hometowner, was named a Master Editor-Publisher.

This award is based on the following criteria: the nominee has worked hard, thought soundly, influenced unselfishly and has lived honorably.

“Dodie Hook embodies the ethos of the quintessential small-town family newspaper. She worked for over 20 years for her hometown newspaper before embarking on her own, starting a competing newspaper from scratch, where she quickly became successful.”

A hard worker, who often works seven days a week, she manages every facet of her newspaper — from writing to pagination to accounting. She has a selfless style, avoiding the limelight herself, while providing others opportunities to shine. She takes pride in building up her employees, invests in their training and creates a positive culture for them to thrive.”

“She is a popular figure in her community and has invested her time and resources into its main street. She is still a stickler for unbiased reporting and publishing factual information and does not hesitate to remind her local public offices of the state’s open meeting laws.

“She has been a long-serving board member of the Iowa Newspaper Foundation, where she recently served a term as president. She is also involved with the National Newspaper Association, where she has served as a committee member and contest judge.”

“An open-minded problem solver and risk-taker, she has a deep passion for independently-owned weekly newspaper and for decades has served her community and the newspaper industry with integrity and generosity.”

The Akron Hometowner staff congratulates Dodie on her more than three decades of service to the Akron-Westfield community.

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