Question of the Week

Posted February 15, 2018 at 5:49 pm

By: Cody Hillrichs

Students and staff were asked, “What is your dream job was and why?”

Ian Ortiz, a senior, said, “I would be a music producer because it’s my dream job and I think it would fit perfectly with my passion for music.”

Mrs. Robin Dirks, art teacher, said, “It would be fun to work at Disney World as a character. I could walk around and make kids happy as they pose with me for pictures. The drawback is the fact that it would be too hot in the summer months.”

Scott Toben, a junior, said, “A professional chainsaw artist because that is what I enjoy doing.”

Trent Ruhland, the shop teacher, answered, “To have my own show on the Outdoor Network, so I could get paid to hunt and fish all day everyday.”

Brandon Tentinger said, “I wanna be a big time hog farmer and manage my own hog sites someday, because I love taking care of pigs.” Kendra Ericson, a sophomore, replied, “I would be a veterinarian because I love to help and work with animals.”

Brenden Kroksh, a junior, replied, “Sales manager and herdsman at Heimer Hampshires. I would want this job because they are one of the premier breeders in the country and it’s what I love to do.”

Mr. Lucas Werner, an elementary teacher, said, “A teacher because I LOVE WHAT I DO!”

Chance Foster, a sophomore, replied, “Underwater welder because I love welding and I love the water so being in the water while welding just sounds like the perfect job.”

Phillip Mendoza, a junior, answered, “I would be a mechanic because I love to be under the hood of a vehicle.”

Cameron Bergman answered, “in-cover/undercover detective, because I was always interested in mysteries and such. I like solving crimes, or being undercover as such.”

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