Senior Spotlight

Posted February 21, 2018 at 10:46 pm




By: Ty Carl

Conner John Anderson, also known as Condor, was born on April 30, 1999, in Sioux City. His parents are Erin Anderson and Jody Anderson, two of his biggest supporters in everything he does.

Conner is the middle child of the family, he has an older brother Taylor Anderson, and a younger brother Carter Anderson.

Through out high school Condor participated in many activities like baseball, basketball, track, and of course his favorite, football. He loved when football season came around because he always got to bond with his football family. Condor scored a touchdown at the UNI Dome his sophomore year, and was named a member of All-State for football.

Conner’s most embarrassing moment in high school was when he was going to pull Brynn’s chair from under her, and Courtney ended up doing it to him instead.

Conner always shows up to class and turns in his homework on time, but if he doesn’t, his favorite excuse is Brynn wouldn’t stop bugging him.

He is a very busy guy, but on the weekends he stays up late playing Fortnite with the “bros”. Quinn, Leighton, Spencer, and Conner “get the dubs EVERYDAY”.

Another one of Conner’s pastimes is watching sports with his family and friends.

Some of Condors favorite musicians are Lil Yachty, because he makes great music, and 21 Savage, because his friend Nick Jacobs loves him.

Conner is currently unemployed but in his free time in the summer he gives his Grandpa Denny as much help as possible. Denny inspires Conner the most because he is such a hard worker and never complains with what he has.

When Conner was younger he wanted to be a professional baseball player, because he loved watching the game when he was younger. Now Conner is going to Iowa State University to get a 4-year degree, but is undecided on what to major in.

Good luck next year Condor! Akron will surely miss such an inspiring student!

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