Senior Spotlight

Posted February 21, 2018 at 10:47 pm




By: Ian Ortiz

Brady Richard Bergman, otherwise known as “Bergy” or “Ice Berg” by his friends, was born on August 6, 1999, at Floyd Valley Hospital in Le Mars, Iowa. He has six siblings: Peyton, Trenton, Cameron, Jacob, Garret, and Alex.

“Ice Berg” has been involved in football, wrestling, and track through his high school career and excelled in all of them.

Brady is in the Air National Guard and works at the Akron Pizza Ranch.

His favorite sport is football because he loved playing it and loves watching it.

“Bergy’s” favorite pastimes are playing Call of Duty on Xbox, eating food, and making fun of Mr. Kent Johnson.

His all time favorite movie is “The 1987 classic,” as he calls it, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Brady also loves listening to his favorite artists Gucci Mane and Thomas Rhett.

Brady’s favorite quotes are, “Let’s get to woooork!” from Mr. Andrew Thonstad and “It’s Mr. Johnson! Call me Kent again and I’ll give you a detention!” from Mr. Kent Johnson.

The thing Brady remembers most about his childhood is coming home from a long day of school and popping in a VHS tape and having no priorities for the rest of the day.

When he was younger, Brady imagined himself as Indiana Jones because he went on many adventures, and he loved the movies growing up.

Brady’s most memorable moment of his life is whacking Cody on the head with a stick and being sent to the principal’s office in Discovergarten, which was also his first time in the principal’s office.

Brady’s most embarrassing moment is when everyone found out he had a crush on Cassie Hansen in the 4th grade.

Brady’s favorite part about high school is getting to see Mr. Kent Johnson’s smile everyday.

His favorite excuse for not turning in his work on time is that he “left his homework in his other backpack”, and his favorite reason for being tardy is, “I’m not late, you’re late.”

His goals after high school are to make it through basic training and then go through college.

The person who inspired Brady the most is Mr. Eric Walkingstick because he taught him the importance of family and how to be a leader.

If Brady could relive one moment in his life it would be walking through the door onto the field of the UNI Dome and feeling the chills go through his body.

Brady’s greatest achievement is enlisting in the Air National Guard.

His biggest regret in high school is not going out for choir until his senior year.

His favorite classes are Mr. Thonstad’s classes because they’re chill and he can go at his own pace.

If Brady could offer one piece of advice to underclassmen it would be to get your work done but don’t let your life revolve around high school.

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