Question Of The Week

Posted March 1, 2018 at 6:00 am

By: Brady Bergman

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were asked, “Who was your craziest/most interesting teacher?” AND “Is a hotdog a sandwich?”

Grace Martinsen, a sophomore, said, “Mr. Kroksh, because he is funny” and “Yes a hotdog is a sandwich.”

Aaron Hartman, a junior, said “Mr. Parkinson, he always had funny stories about football or politics” and “No, because a hot dog is just a hotdog. Why does a runner have to run from 2nd to 3rd? Because they just have to. Why is a hotdog a hotdog? Because it just is.”

Chance Foster, a sophomore, said, “Mr. White because he would let us play desk-ball, have a sock-hop, and wear clothes from different generations” and “Yes, because its meat between buns.”

Cameron Moore, a freshmen, said “Mrs. Tapper, because she is a very serious teacher and she is fun” and “Yes, it has a bun!”

Ian Ortiz, a senior, said “I would say Mr. Meerdink, just because he said and did some crazy things” and “NO A HOTDOG IS NOT A SANDWICH BECAUSE THE BUN IS CONNECTED AND THE MEAT OF THE SANDWICH IS HELD IN A UPWARDS POSITION.”

Kiara Myers, a junior, said “Mr. Meerdink, because he makes his own jokes and they aren’t even funny.” and “No, a hotdog is not a sandwich.”

Kiana Appley, a senior, said “Mrs. Dirks, because she’s ‘hip’, fun, and always a good time to be around! And she always has some funny/good things to say in any conversation.” and “Bruh… that’s a good question.”

Quentin Hoffer, a senior, said “There is only one crazy teacher that I can think of in all of my life. His name is Mr. Meerdink. He has such a beautiful beard he has acquired over his thousands of years of existence. Nothing is ever the same in life, but I can always count on his beard being exactly the way it was the day before. He is so crazy because it has a total of seven more gray hairs now than my freshman year!!” and “Does ESPN air sandwich eating contests? No. They air hot dog eating contests.”

Carl Griffen, a senior, said “My middle school science teacher was the craziest.” and “No because they are not completely covered.”

Sapphire Berg, a senior, said “Kent Johnson, because he always calls people the wrong name” and “I don’t know.”

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