Union County 4-H’ers, leaders receive 2016-2017 Awards

Posted March 12, 2018 at 8:56 pm

j Scattered 4-H Club Rec Event 2017 (2).tif

Scattered 4-H Club Leaders Paulette Vanderham (l) and Audrey Ericson (r) with Emma Robinson.

Union County 4-H club members and leaders completed the 2016-2017 club year with the Annual 4-H Recognition Event at the Union County Courthouse in Elk Point, S.D.

Congratulations to all 4-H members on a successful 4-H year!

The event started off with the flag pledge and 4-H pledge. 4-H members spoke about different Youth In Action Events they attended throughout the year.

Members and leaders were recognized for their accomplishments in club, county and state activities and for advancement within individual 4-H projects or programs. Local donors sponsor awards each year. The following awards were handed out by club: See attached Excel Sheets for list of awards by clubs.

4-H Leaders’ Awards

The following 4-H Leaders were presented with an appreciation award:

Julie Montagne, Betsy Kemner, Jeanne Hanson, Caitlin Rosenbaum, Jennifer Beermann, Audrey Ericson, Paulette Vanderham, Darold Vanderham, Kim Renken, Lindsay Winquist, Greg Kleinhans, Tonya Rasmussen, Bob Geary, Theresa Geary, Trisha Rasmussen, Janelle O’Connor, Marcy Thompson and Rosemary Weiland.

Shooting Sports leaders were also recognized: Bryan Christensen, Broc Hartman, Jesse Hartman, Mike Rasmussen, Brian Fatherlos and Elizabeth Avery.

Union County 4-H Appreciation Award

The Union County 4-H Appreciation Award recipient was the State Bank of Alcester, for their support of the 4-H program for 2016-2017. The State Bank has been very supportive of 4-H program and the county fair.

Clay-Union Farm Bureau Leadership Award

Betsy Kemner, leader of the A-1 Alcester Club, received her Clover & Certificate for 10 years of leadership. She was also awarded the Clay-Union Farm Bureau Leadership Award for her outstanding leadership for the 2016-2017 year. Betsy has been a leader for 10 years. She has spent numerous hours in her role as a leader for the club. Betsy has helped out at the county fair with cleanup/setup and also assisting the county fair judges.

Years of Service Award

Gerald Messersmith, leader of the Dakota Valley Clover Stems 4-H Club, received his Clover & Certificate for 5 years of leadership.

Halloween Costume Winners

The 4-H Leaders sponsored a Halloween Costume Contest. The following are the winners:

Cloverbuds: 1st – Ryan Crist; 2nd – Kenley Rasmussen

Beginners: 1st – Adison Bernard; 2nd – Rachel Bryan

Juniors: 1st – Linley Schmitz; 2nd – Johanna Jones

Seniors: 1st – Desirae Wilson; 2nd – Mackenzie Jordan

Adults: 1st – Jeanne Hanson; 2nd – Janet Lingle


Dakota Kids Club

Cloverbuds: Clair Baumann, Emily Hoffman, Emma Andrews, Ian Henderson, Mateo Reaves, Michael Hoffman,

Qeleigh Neuman

First Year Pins: Thomas Baumann, Madeline Gillespie,

Chase Neuman, Maria Reaves, Payden Hoffman, Ella Merriman, Makenzie Csaplik.

Bronze Medal: Brady Tapia, Morgan DeRaad, Carley Crist, McKenna Huenink

Silver Medal: Levi Gillespie

Gold Medal & 4-H Letter: Macy Quartier

Fifth Year Pin: Macy Quartier, Annie Farley

Other Awards: Jillian Huenink, Beef & Community Service; Faith Weiland, Community Service & Citizenship; Caleb Weiland, Wood Science & Citizenship; Isa Tapia, Community Service & Beef; Levi Gillespie, Hobbies & Collections & Poultry; Lucy Farley, Judging Medal; Annie Farley, Judging Medal; Caleb Weiland, Fourth Place Senior Horticulture Team State Fair; Victoria Weiland, Fourth Place Senior Horticulture Team State Fair; McKenna Huenink, Top Beginning Horticulture Judge; Annie Farley, Top Junior Horticulture Judge; Macy Quartier, Top Junior CDM Judge; Carley Crist, First Place Beginning Book, $20; McKenna Huenink, Third Place Beginning Book, $10; Macy Quartier First Place Junior Book, $20; Lucy Farley, First Place Junior Book, $20; Isa Tapia, First Place Junior Book, $20; Jillian Huenink, First Place Junior Book, $20; Annie Farley, Second Place Junior Book, $15; George Neuman, Third Place Junior Book, $10; Faith Weiland, Second Place Senior Book, $15; Ciara Neuman, First Place Secretary Book, $20; McKenna Huenink, Visual Arts Top Exhibitor; McKenna Huenink, Home Environment Top Exhibitor;

Dakota Kids: Second Place Community Service, $15; and Outstanding Club Award, $25.

Brule Go-Getters Club

Cloverbud: Tessa Mollet

First Year Pins: Andrew Beermann, Sadye Fredricksen,

Keeley Steinbrecher, Trevor Christophersen, Adison Bernard,

Rachel Bryan: Bronze Medal

Mackenzie Jordan: Silver Medal, Rabbit Medal, Photography Medal; Top Photography Exhibitor; Second Place Secretary Book, $15;

Linley Schmitz: State Horse Show: First Place Junior Pleasure Driving; Fourth Place Junior Hunter Equitation; First Place Pleasure Driving; Top Horse Exhibitor

Aubrie Franken: Sheep Rate Of Gain, Reserve Champion State Fair; Top Horticulture Exhibitor;

Andrew Beermann: Third Place Beginning Book, $10;

Rachel Bryan: Second Place Junior Book, $15;

Bryce Densberger: Top Poultry Exhibitor;

Brule Go-Getters: First Place Community Service, $20.

Eager Beavers Club

Cloverbud: Paxtyn Moller, Raelynn Sackett, Andrew Bovill, Charleanna Paulson, Emily Winquist, Emma Solberg, Kaitlyn Bailey

First Year Pins: Evan Haak, Jackson Meyer

Bronze Medal: Abigail Bailey

Gold Medal & 4-H Letter: Hazel Renken

Fifth Year Pins: Peyton Meyer, Mason Manning, Keandra Rhead, Ronnie Rhead, Ashlyn Bailey, Caden Winquist, Desirae Wilson,

10th Year Pin: Hannah Renken

Harbor Renken: Hobbies & Collections, Dairy Goat, Home Environment, Meat Goats, Photography

Hazel Renken: Photography, Home Environment

Heidi Renken: Leadership, Photography

Hannah Renken: Meat Goats

Donovan Wilson: Second Place Senior CDM Judge State Fair, Rosette/Plaque & County Trophy, Fourth Place Senior Horticulture Team County Trophy

Scattered 4-H Club

Cloverbud: Khallie Willms, Skylar Hongslo, Airalynn Siebens, Karston Jacobson

First Year Pins: Sadie Toben, Berklie Jacobson

Shooting Sports Awards

Andrew Beermann, Brule Go-Getters; Luke Christensen, A-1 Alcester; Anna Cotton, Eager Beavers; Tessa Henderson, Dakota Kids; Aubrey Miller, Eager Beavers; Payton Miller, Eager Beavers; Katarina Fatherlos, Shooting Sports; Regan Rasmussen – Busy Corral; Tori Rasmussen, Prairie Herdsman; Ashlynn Smith – Eager Beavers; Desirae Wilson, Eager Beavers; Donovan Wilson, Eager Beavers; Kade Bratzel, Shooting Sports; Jacob Kemner, Shooting Sports; Josh Driesen, Shooting Sports; and Thomas Baumann, Shooting Sports.

Union County 4-H Clubs

A-1 Alcester (Elk Point, Alcester & Hawarden) areas

Brule Go-Getters (Elk Point & Jefferson) areas

Busy Corral 4-H Club (Elk Point, Jefferson and McCook Lake) areas

Dakota Kids 4-H Club (Beresford) area

Eager Beavers 4-H Club (Alcester & Hawarden) areas

Scattered 4-H Club (Akron & Alcester) areas

Prairie Herdsman 4-H Club (Alcester) area

Shooting Sports (all of Union County)

Dakota Kids Rec Event 2017.tif

Dakota Kids 4-H’ers receive awards: (Front Row l-r:) Morgan DeRaad, Carley Crist, Madeline Gillespie, Ryan Crist, Brady Tapid, Claire Baumann, (Back Row l-r:) Isa Tapia, Janelle O’Connor, Jillian Huenink, McKenna Huenink and Thomas Baumann.

Leaders Picture 2017 Rec Event (2).tif

4-H leaders honored (l-r:) Jennifer Beermann, Rosemary Weiland, Theresa Geary, Janelle O’Connor, Paulette Vanderham, Audrey Ericson, Jeanne Hanson and Trisha Rasmussen.

Adult Costumes 2017 - Jeanne Hanson-1st Place; Janet Lingle-2nd Place, Lauren Hollenbeck, Annie Crist & Paulette Vanderham.tif

Adult Costume Contest winners (l-r:) Jeanne Hanson, first place; Janet Lingle, second place; Lauren Hollenbeck, Annie Crist and Paulette Vanderham.

Beginner Costume Winners 2017.tif

Beginners’ Costume Contest winners (l-r:) Andrew Beerman, Regan Rasmussen, Madeline Gillespie, Morgan DeRaad, Carley Crist, Rachel Bryan, second place; Adison Bernard, first place; and Keeley Steinbrecher.

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