Residents enjoy afternoon of ‘Eggs-periments’

Posted March 29, 2018 at 5:00 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

On March 20, the Earth’s Equinox, Care Center Activities Director Toria Frerichs created an afternoon of fun “Eggs-periments.”

First, Frerichs passed on some historical lore and trivia about eggs and chickens.

Second, on the first day of Spring, which is also called the Earth’s Equinox, night and day are equal in length.

Legend has it that on the Earth’s Equinox, an egg will stand on its end. People are supposed to be able to balance an egg upright on a surface, said Frerichs, who handed out eggs to the participants. They tried their luck at getting an egg to balance upright but only one was successful — resident Leone Dewey.

Of course, she tapped the egg’s bottom on the table just hard enough to crack the shell, flattening the egg’s bottom.

Her reasoning, “When you run out of patience (at trying to get it to do so, try Plan B)!”

Plenty of laughter followed, getting rid of the frustration of not getting an egg to stand on its end.

Next, Frerichs asked them if they could bounce an egg. She had found a way to do so.

Place a raw egg, still in its shell, into a jar filled with vinegar.

Over the next few days, the vinegar dissolves the egg’s shell, exposing its interior membrane.

The participants touched several of the eggs, which had been left in vinegar a variety of days. Then they tried bouncing the soft, slimy eggs. They did bounce but if one threw it a little hard, the egg membrane split open — just like cracking an egg out of its original shell.

Finally, they gave their opinions to the age-old question: Did the egg or the chicken come first. (See the two answers’ explanation in the Egg Trivia).

The Eggs-periments concluded with chicken salad sandwiches and discussion of the different ingredients people use.

Look for Toria and Assistant Activities Director Rita Kleihauer’s chicken salad recipes in this week’s Madden’s Musings.

(At Right) Care Center resident Leone Dewey was the only winner of balancing an egg on its end on the First Day of Spring. Hint: Read story to find out her trick.

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