Akron police target illegal drug activity

Posted March 29, 2018 at 5:00 am

Akron Police Chief William Young responds to residents’ concerns of illegal drug activity in Akron:

“In my short amount of time as your Police Chief, I have been informed of the problem of illegal drug activity taking place in the City of Akron,” said Young in a written statement to residents.

“Akron, Iowa, is a beautiful, wonderful and very safe community to live and raise a family,” wrote Young, “but illegal drug activity is an issue that the Akron Police Department takes very seriously.”

“I would certainly encourage anyone who has any information about specific locations in our city where illegal drug activity is occurring to come and speak to me.”

“Anyone providing information will be handled as a confidential informant,” he continued. “We have a lot of investigative resources that we can bring to bear to put a stop to these crimes, but specific information from the public is vital to the success of any drug enforcement operation.”

“I also want to reassure the people of Akron that when we make traffic stops, we are not going to be randomly searching any vehicle that comes down the highway,” wrote Young. “We’re not going to be doing vehicle searches on Mom who’s taking the kids to soccer practice or perfectly law-abiding people who are passing through town whether they are an Akron resident or not.”

“That kind of nonsense is not going to happen on my watch,” he continued. “This is a new, much better, much more professional police department that is now serving the people of Akron.”

“If we make a traffic stop that develops into an interdiction vehicle search, we are taking that course of action ONLY because we are getting specific indicators and evidence that we are alerted to, and we can articulate that the people in this vehicle are up to no good,” wrote Young.

“If anyone has any information of suspected illegal drug activity, I encourage them to call me at 712-552-7016 anytime time, day or night.”

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