Police Patch design winner is…

Posted March 22, 2018 at 5:00 am

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By Julie Ann Madden

“I wanted to get the school involved (in my Police Patch Contest),” said Akron Police Chief Bill Young as he announced the winning patch and its designer. “It ends up being someone from the school winning it.”

Teacher’s Aide Julie Huber created the new Police Patch design and she was assisted by her daughter-in-law Cristen Huber, of Oklahoma City, Okla., the artist who helped with the design’s artwork.

Julie told The Akron Hometowner this was the first time she’d entered such a contest. She had called Cristen and asked if she wanted to try this, and Cristen jumped on board.

Julie’s idea was to include the Loess Hills (green grass), Big Sioux River (blue curving waterway), and an eagle since there are many eagles here and it’s the national bird. Cristen took her mother-in-law’s ideas, then drew each element by hand, adding the stars and vine to tie it all together. The stars symbolize the stars in the American flag.

“Team work makes the dream work,” said Cristen in a conference call with Julie and The Akron Hometowner.

As the lucky winners, they received $100 in Akron Area Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Bucks and a framed plaque of their winning patch. They decided Julie will get the Chamber Bucks and Cristen the plaque.

There were 17 entries submitted in this Police Patch Contest, which ended March 15.

The entries were laid out on the city council’s table in the Akron City Hall. and in a democratic process, city officials voted on the designs, explained Young. “Their design received the most votes.”

“The biggest reward for me was its whole purpose was to get the people involved,” he said. “To have a community project where people could get involved with the police department.”

“I’m just thrilled with the way it worked out,” said Young. “It couldn’t have turned out better.”

“There were a lot of great entries,” he added. “There’s a lot of talented people out there.”

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