Akron Library is ‘Super’

Posted April 12, 2018 at 3:11 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Just ask Marlys Johnson, of Akron, and she’ll tell you why the Akron Public Library is “Super.”

• New books arrive all the time.

• People of all ages use the library.

• The staff does an excellent job in doing programs, movies and reading challenges for all ages.

• When you go in the library, there is always someone reading a newspaper, doing a puzzle, on a computer or reading a magazine. Or children checking out books, playing in the Children’s Section or finding a movie to take home.

“It’s just an excellent source of entertainment for all ages,” said Johnson, who was an Akron Library Board trustee in the 1970s when the new library was built. “It was a fun undertaking, a lot of hard work and we’re very proud of it. Way back in that day, the library board and librarians met monthly to read book reviews and select books for the library.

Johnson reads a book a week during the winter, preferring biographies, mysteries and family-type novels. Now, she’s reading “The Captain’s Daughter” by Meg Mitchell Moore.

“I support the library,” said Johnson. “Reading is a good pastime — It’s just good for your mind to read and retain.”

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