The Big Sioux River decided on its annual Spring rise causing some flooding in the lowlands but thankfully never came on to the road.

Posted May 15, 2018 at 3:30 pm


Flood warnings were issued several times. The river crested at 19.62’ Wednesday, April 25, before starting to recede. This photo was taken the evening of April 24 off the Big Sioux Bridge looking south when the river was on the rise. Flood stage in Akron is 16’. At 18’ feet the flood is considered in the moderate range and the river at Akron was just shy of major flooding which begins at 20’. By Friday evening, April 27, the river was at 18.8’ and falling but Akron was still under a flood warning. During the major Flood of 2014, the river reached a record high of 25.59’ on June 18.

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