Question Of The Week

Posted May 16, 2018 at 4:53 pm

By: Brooklyn Gravenish

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were asked, “How should parents handle bad report cards?”

Chase Stowe responded, “Sit down with the kid and have a talk, if his or her grades are still ‘low’ after some time then possibly have your child tested for a learning disability. It may also be possible that the child just needs a little encouragement to reach the parents desired goal for there child.”

Autumn Bundy answered, “Usually when my brother brings home his reports card he just has to sleep in the yard a few nights, but I would never know how that feels.”

Mr. Lucas Werner decided it is best for parents to “find out why the grades are the way they are and figure out ways to improve the grades with their child.”

Paige Hasenbank said, “Help their child with what they are struggling on.”

Ian Ortiz stated, “Extend the time designated for homework. Start with no time designated for homework and work your way up 30 minutes for every bad grade your kid has.”

Mrs. Deb Bursell said, “Talk to the student and find out what is going on. Then possibly conference with the teacher.”

Sean Steffen responded, “Make their child study more, but not scream at them.”

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