Senior Spotlight

Posted May 16, 2018 at 4:57 pm




By: Damien Ericson

Damien Ericson, also known as Radio, Ipod, Dome, and 110, is the son of Bruce and Patti Ericson. He was born on August 13, 1999, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

His siblings are Trey Dawaira, David Ericson, Travis and Jason Robinson, Roy Barker, Torina Barker, and Robin Barker.

Dome’s three favorite high school activities are football, basketball and baseball.

Damien’s favorite pastime memories would have to be when he was playing football with his fellow high school brothers. His favorite sport is football.

110’s favorite musicians would have to be B.O.B and Chris Brown.

Ipod’s favorite saying he has ever heard is, “What do you mean?” by Deaquan.

Damien’s favorite childhood memory is making a fort with his brother.

When Dome was younger he would imagine himself being a professional football player.

His favorite movie is “Dinosaur”.

Damien’s most memorable moment is when he caught his first pass in high school football.

His most embarrassing moment was when he showed up late for a baseball game and had to chase after the bus.

Damien’s goals after high school include attending college.

He has enjoyed making all sorts of friends the most in high school.

Ipod’s advice to underclassmen is to turn your homework in on time.

If he could relive one moment in life it would be his last football game.

He is most inspired by Nick Jacobs, because Nick can lift more than Damien and his goal is to be able to catch and surpass Nick one day.

“My greatest achievement would have to be pinning John Henrich 3 times and then seeing him become a 2 time state champ,” said Damien.

Damien’s favorite excuse for not turning in his homework would be, “I don’t know where it is at.” His favorite reason for being tardy is, “My car wouldn’t start.”

Dome’s biggest regret about high school would be not taking his first semester very seriously throughout the year.

Damien’s favorite class is P.E. because it gives him some time to relax and relieve some stress.

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