Senior Spotlight

Posted May 16, 2018 at 4:57 pm




By: Ian Ortiz

Ian Thomas Ortiz was born on January 18, 2000, in San Antonio, Texas at the Nix Hospital to parents Oscar Ortiz and Angela Clarey.

Ian has been in choir his entire high school career, and participated in football his sophomore year.

His favorite pastimes are hanging out with friends, reading, and listening to music.

Ian is employed at the Dollar General, and enjoys working there.

Ian’s favorite sport is football with basketball coming at a very close second.

Ian’s favorite movie is “Sleight” because it was a, “reinvention of superhero movies”, as he put it. His favorite musicians are Tyler, The Creator, Travis $cott and Childish Gambino.

His most memorable moment is the Tyler, The Creator concert he went to in February.

Ian’s favorite childhood memory was watching Ice Age over and over again without getting sick of it a bit.

When he was younger he always imagined himself as a Jedi from Star Wars because they were some of his favorite movies.

Ian’s favorite saying is “Yeet” which he yells almost everywhere.

Ian’s goals after high school is to graduate college and get a good job with his degree.

The one thing he likes more than anything is being around his friends.

If Ian could relive one moment in his life it would be when the football team beat West Sioux to go to the UNI Dome. It meant so much to beat Akron’s rival in the playoffs, after losing to them earlier in the year.

Ian’s favorite class that he’s taken is Advanced English 11 because of the amazing books they read and because it was with his favorite teacher.

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