Question Of The Week

Posted May 18, 2018 at 9:19 pm

By: Brady Bergman

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were asked, “Who and/or what will you miss most about the 2018 senior class and why?”

Phillip Mendoza said, “Both Cody Hillrichs and Cody Voter. Hillrichs because we use to hang out and we always talk to each other. Voter because we go fishing together during the summer.”

Logan Smith said “Danika Smith, because she’s my sister and I kind of have to miss her.”

Jader Briggs said, “During wrestling season we won’t have Damien to pin John Henrich.”

Autumn Bundy said, “I will miss them in athletics and in other activities. I will also miss them because they are fun to be around.”

Mrs. Lisa Wolthuizen said, “I will miss Christian Wolthuizen the most because he is my son. I won’t have anyone come to ask for my credit card, or to sign a last minute note, or steal snacks from my cupboard, or to kiss and hug goodbye in the mornings!”

Quentin Hoffer said, “Well as a part of this year’s senior class, I will miss a lot. Mostly just frisbee Fridays before lift because the awesome Hoffer guy killed it every week!”

Mr. Mike Allner answered, “I will miss watching their football games and their friendly smiles each day.”

Aaron Hartman said, “I’m going to miss all of them because I’ve became close to all of them and I will miss hanging out with them.”

Quinten Easton said, “Ty, because he gave me rides home all the time.”

Mrs. Colleen Westergard said, “I will miss what a diverse group of personalities they are.”

Sam Mullinix said, “I’m going to miss Payton Green because he always makes me laugh and makes me feel included in high school as a freshman.”

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