Question Of The Week

Posted May 24, 2018 at 5:00 am

By: Phillip Mendoza

Students and staff of Akron-Westfield were asked, “What is going to be your summer job?”

Senior Cody Hillrichs stated, “I plan on working at Froggy Bottoms, TMAC Farms, helping load pigs around the area, and work at home.”

Mr. Lucas Werner, fifth grade teacher, chose to say, “Nothing! This will be my first summer off since I got my driver’s license and I need to take some time to move stuff to Colorado and spend time with my family before I move for good.”

Senior Quentin Hoffer stated, “My summer job will be getting huge! I’ve got 5% of body fat to lose and a quarter inch to gain on my biceps. That will be my job.”

Sophomore Charles Parks stated, “Detassling, Pizza Ranch, and hopefully building houses.”

Mrs. Tracy Sturgeon claimed, “My summer job is being a housewife and mom. I do all the cooking and cleaning (only in the summer).”

Nash Lininger, a junior, said, “Bomgaars baby! Someone has got to load those fenceposts!”

Runggun Joemplang, a foreign exchange student, claimed “Nothing, by the time I go back, my school has already been started.”

Chance Foster, a sophomore, said, “I mow 3 accounts in the summer and just do odd ball jobs the rest of the time. I am also joining the Army Guard so one weekend a month I will be training to be a welder.”

Jillian Hyer said, “Working as a CNA at the Akron Care Center.”

Mrs. Julie Bundy responded, “Teaching Driver Education in Hull and Hawarden.”

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