Supervisors amend FY 2018 Budget

Posted May 31, 2018 at 6:20 pm

By Julie Ann Madden

Plymouth County Supervisors made year-end changes to their FY 2018 Budget at their May 22 meeting.

At a public hearing, Plymouth County Auditor/Board Secretary Stacey Feldman presented a handout showing both revenue and expenditure increases which caused the budget amendment.

Revenue Changes

Plymouth County officials received two grants affecting the county’s General Fund. The Health Board received $25,000 and the county was the pass-through entity; and the Conservation Board received $32,000 in state-funded grants.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office received an additional $70,000 for housing U.S. Marshal (federal) inmates.

The total revenue increase in the FY 2108 Budget was $127,000.

Expense Changes

The county had $266,200 more in expenditures than originally planned for FY 2018.

In the county’s Forfeiture Fund, there was a UTV (off-road vehicle) expense of $12,500.

In the Rural Services Fund, landfill hauling and assessment expenses cost an additional $85,000.

In the Debt Service Fund, the county had a bond management fee of $1,000.

In the General Fund, the following expenses affected the FY 2018:

• Health Board, $25,000 (pass-through grant);

• Conservation Board playground grant expenses, $32,000;

• Expert witness in criminal prosecution, $15,000;

• Medical Examiner expenses, $20,000;

• Two additional full-time employees (jailer and jail cook), $45,000;

• Jail Meal expenses (during time without jail cook and increase in inmates), $10,000;

• Additional prisoner’s medical expense, $5,000;

• Veterans Affairs salary/training (during transition to new Veterans Affairs Officer, $2,500;

• Iowa Senate Special Election publication costs, $1,000;

• Iowa Senate Special Election precinct workers, $7,000;

• Iowa Senate Special Election machine programming and ballots, $5,200.

Supervisor John Meis made the motion to approve the FY 2018 Budget Amendment and Supervisor Gary Horton seconded it. The vote was unanimous, 5-0.

In other business, the Supervisors:

• Unanimously approved giving $350 toward a U.S. Highway 20 grant study fee sought by Siouxland Metropolitan Interstate Planning Council (SIMPCO), which has received a $25,000 U.S. Economic Development Administration grant and needs a $25,000 grant match and is seeking funds from cities and counties along U.S. Highway 20. Supervisor Craig Anderson made the motion and Meis seconded it.

• Unanimously approved Right-Of-Way land purchase agreements for two county road/bridge projects. Supervisor Mark Loutsch made the motion and Meis seconded it.

• Unanimously approved a utility permit for Premier Communications. The permit is for utility lines along 150th Street in Elgin Township’s Sections 26 and 35. Anderson made the motion and Meis seconded it.

• Discussed a bridge replacement with a culvert on North Avenue, adjacent to the Tom Keehn properties, in the Hinton Drainage District.

Plymouth County Engineer Tom Rohe presented four options with cost estimates, asking the supervisors for their consensus.

Hinton city officials have requested the county consider skewing the culvert to align with the roadway for future development in that area. In doing so, it could increase the cost up to about $72,000, depending on the option chosen.

Supervisors made several suggestions, including moving the culvert to Maple Street and eliminating the North Avenue project and/or doing the project the city’s way only if they pay the cost difference.

• Continue to receive change orders regarding the Courthouse Renovation Project.

Each time the supervisors show their frustration with the architects for not having these items in the original bid specs.

This time the change order was for removal of approximately 744 square feet of floor tile and flooring in the Information Technology corridor, vending machine lobby, elevator corridor, and men’s restroom, which will cost an additional $4,720. The supervisors’ original plan was to cover the floor tile and flooring, which contains asbestos, with a membrane. They tabled this matter as they were having a construction meeting that afternoon.