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Posted June 8, 2018 at 7:32 pm

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An auction house where auctions are held indoors, bidders have comfortable seating, and food is homemade like mom and grandma used to make.

Even more important there is great quality merchandise brought from long distances, and auctioneers with a total of more than 150 years of experience who have just one job — to get the most money they can for each item.

Located at 241 Mill St. in Akron, that is the Price Auction Company in a nutshell.

“It’s just fun watching our auctions,” said co-owner Angela Price of Akron, S.D. “People just have a good time at auctions the way they used to be before everything went online.”

“They get to sit, visit, talk to each other and find cool stuff to dig around in and enjoy looking at,” she said. “So I’m glad we did it.”

“We’re having lots of fun,” said Price. “We’re meeting a lot of neat people, a lot of new people and seeing a lot of familiar faces.”

People are bringing items from about 75 miles away — West Okoboji, Iowa; Canton, S.D.; and West Point, Neb.; as well as locally. In addition, people are traveling up to a couple hours to come to Akron for these auctions.

“A lot of these folks had never been to Akron before,” said Price.

“It is working — we are bringing a lot of people to town,” she said, adding that is the reason she and her husband, Roger, decided to open an auction house. “It is, in my opinion, a great success and I hope to see continued growth with it.”

“It’s a lot of work because how this works is most of the sales are consignment auctions,” said Price, explaining they also do estate auctions where it’s an entire household collection.

Someone brings in merchandise to Price and she fills out a form logging the items to be sold. After the auction, Price keeps 25 percent of the winning bid price and the owner gets 75 percent.

“We’ll probably never have more than two auctions a month,” said Price. Simply because I’m 61 years old, after all, and don’t want to work that hard. Plus, they also own and operate Akron Gold and Silver, selling collectables and fine estate items in Akron.

“Being able to do this with all my family I find is my real joy,” said Price whose children, their spouses and grandchildren work the auctions.

“We’re pretty happy with the results,” said Price of their new venture.

This Saturday, June 9, Price is having a “Guy-Themed” Auction.

“There’s only so much glassware and frilly stuff guys want to sit through so that’s why I decided to do a guy-themed one,” said Price. “I try to make it fun — something for everyone.”

The Akron Historical Society will be serving taverns, nachos, bars, drinks, and cinnamon rolls for the Roof Replacement Project.

The auction preview is 4:00 – 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 6, and the day of the sale, the doors open at 9 a.m. with the auction beginning at 11 a.m.

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