Opera House receives face lift

Posted July 5, 2018 at 2:52 pm

j Akron Opera House wall work.tif

When the former Akron Register-Tribune newspaper building was demolished, the west wall of the Akron Opera House was exposed. To many, the exterior wall was fascinating as it had several painted words on it, including Bull Durham, Pie Face Louie and Thomas Cusick Company Chicago.

However, the Akron Opera House Board of Directors was faced with the fact that the brick wall was deteriorating.

According to Board President Doug Olson, “We hated to see the wording covered but the brick needed to be covered to stop the deterioration.” The board was awarded one of the City of Akron’s FY 2019 Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) funds grants.

In the last couple weeks of June, Don Mullinix Construction Company began the work to protect the wall by resealing it with a concrete covering.

Local residents may never know the history of “Pie Face Louie” as many tried researching to find its origins but haven’t had any luck. However, “Pie Face Louie” lives on through Broken Kettle Wine Cellars, which named one of their wines after him.

Although there are no summer productions at the Akron Opera House, people may tour the architectural historical wonder by calling Olson at 712-568-3524.

The board is scheduling productions for the 2018-2019 season. In March 2019, the Missoula Children’s Theater will host a production and in April 2019, a cast of area performers will produce “Mama Mia.”

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