A-W outlasts Westwood Rebels

Posted July 12, 2018 at 5:00 am

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By Hank Krause

The 15th ranked Westwood Rebels of Sloan came to visit for a regional semi-final game June 6. Westwood, a very good team, battled hard to the very end before the 3rd ranked Akron-Westfield girls won it, 6-4. A-W’s record is 25-4

A-W trailed one-to-nothing going into the fourth inning before A-W came alive to score five runs to take a 5-1 lead.

A-W broke out by one run to score five in the fourth inning. A-W’s Courtney Waterbury opened it up with a double to left center. Lily Kenny singled to put runners on the corners. Kammi Bishop laid a perfect punt down the first base line. Waterbury scored to tie it at one. With the Rebels in a state of confusion, Kenny was on third and Bishop was hugging second. A-W had the bases loaded. A-W got themselves in an odd situation. A-W had two runners on third but got out of the mess. Brynn Van Eldik hit a two-run single to give A-W the lead at 3-1. Natalie Nielsen, who was on third, scored on a wild pitch.

Tori Nemesio singled in the fifth to drive in A-W’s sixth run.

WW girls didn’t quit, trailing 6-2. Things looked pretty safe, however, the Rebels scored two before Hailey Wilken snared a line drive off the bat of Abby Martin to double off the runner at first.

It was exciting but not without controversy. The WW coach questioned a call that took a run off the board and he got the heave-ho.

A rule is a rule, and interference was called on the on-deck hitter. The umpires talked it over for quite awhile to make sure they had it right. Boy were some of the Rebel fans hostile!

WW brought a big crowd as there was blue all over the place. Even our owner/publisher had on a company blue shirt by mistake.

Natalie Nielsen pitched the entire game for A-W giving up eight hits while striking out nine. The Westerner hitters was led by Nemesio, who had two hits. WW was a good hitting team who gave a great effort, but the Westerners got by.

A-W 0-0-0-5-1-0-x = 6-9-3

WW 1-0-0-1-0-0-2 = 4-8-1

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