A-W faces Unity Christian in annual football scrimmage

Posted August 22, 2018 at 10:55 pm

By Hank Krause

The annual Soap- Sports drink scrimmage was held on August 17 on the hill for the Akron-Westfield football team. They had a new format, which for me, I think it’s a good idea. The Iowa schools can play a neighboring school who is not in their conference or who we will not play in the regular season.

A-W played host to Orange City Unity Christian. They were great competition. There is no tackling so it was a modified flag football game.

The two teams were trying to perfect their offensive schemes as well as defensive planning.

Fifty-six players were greeted by coaches Eric Walkingstick, Kent Johnson, Jeff Wolthuizen and Devon Meyers. These were also joined by volunteer coaches Dan Tindall, Brent James and Ryan Bergman. Of the 56, there are some good sized but the boys did not show a lot of speed.

Nick Jacobs will be the starting quarterback. He ran the roll-outs fairly well.

Passing had receivers open but they had too many dropped balls. I’m sure they’ll get those things corrected. John Henrich, the tailback, was held out as a precaution but he’ll be there Friday night when A-W faces Westwood of Sloan in the season opener at home.

A-W has 15 letter winners returning and they’ll have to come to the front.

A-W is picked third in our district out of eight teams, with Hinton picked as the one to chase.

Be sure to come early to watch the hamburger and hot dog flippers in action. Security National Bank is the food host. Enjoy the free tailgate supper from 5-7 p.m.


Seniors: Dominc Trobaugh, John Henrich, Chris Steffen, Leighton Blake, Reagan Frankl, Nick Jacobs, Zach Leekley, Josh Armstrong, Aydin Dicks, Taylor Heeren, Ethan Lahr, Nash Lininger, Aaron Hartman, Spencer Olson, Scott Toben, Brandon Tentinger, Chase Stowe.

Juniors: Jack Anderson, Cole Moffatt, Hunter Walkingstick, Charlie Parks, Dallas Smith, Colton Dennison, Jeremy Bosse, Levi Hemmelrick, Tyson Lamp, Chance Foster, Jackson Newton, Logan Smith, Daytona Foley, Caleb Bernard, Donovan Irizarry

Sophomores: Carter Meinen, Trevor Miller, Tanner Derochie, Sam Mullinix, Jader Briggs, Brett Tentinger, Kyle Welch, Carter Anderson, Kaden Hebert.

Freshmen: Landon Vossberg, Carson James, Cade Walkingstick, Sean Steffen, Derek Vanderlinden, Landon Schuknecht, Hayden McMahon, Bryce Stowe, Alex Bernard, Garrett Rush, Jacob Hankins, Sam Philips, Elijah Hoffer, Tom Lane, Cael Moffatt.

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